Why do some sheep continue to runny nose and difficulty in breathing?The main reasons and solutions have these

We will find in the process of breeding of sheep: Some sheep will continue to have runny nose and dyspnea.But we did not figure out the reason.Recently, after consulting with a veterinarian, I learned that the main reasons for this phenomenon are:


Once sheep only suffer from influenza and secondary respiratory inflammation, the sick sheep will show a dry cough, asthma, sore throat, nasal congestion and runny nose, increased body temperature, slowly become wet cough, pharyngeal pharyngeal, pharyngeal pharyngeal, pharyngeal pharyngeal, pharyngeal pharyngealThe pain of the ministry will be reduced, and sometimes it coughs out of sputum. At the same time, viscosity or purulent secretions will be discharged from the nasal or oral cavity.


A compound aminobilin 20 ml can be used every morning. In the afternoon, an Annai nearly 20 ml is used for subcutaneous muscle injection. After 2 consecutive days of injection, you can add 10 ml of segsonone to injection.Generally, after 3 days of treatment, it can be cured.


It is mainly characterized by nasal mucosa congestion and swelling, and flowing nose fluid.When the sheep is just onset, the symptoms of shaking and nasal spray will be shown. Due to the uncomfortable nose, the sick sheep will put the nose on the wall, tree body, and even rubbing on the ground.At the same time, at the beginning of rhinitis, the nasal fluid has slurry and slowly becomes mucus.The sick sheep shows the symptoms of dyspnea and gloom.At the same time, the nasal cavity will emit nasal congestion, accompanied by symptoms such as cough and difficulty swallowing.


1. 10 grams of sulfa ointment, 500ml of 3%boric acid solution, first wash the diseased sheep nasal cavity with boric acid solution, and then apply sulfa ointment 1-2 times a day.

2. Select 30 grams of Cangei, 30g of Su leaves, 25 grams of chrysanthemums, 25 grams of Xinyi, 20 grams of gardenia, 15 grams of mint, 15g grams of white pendants, 15g of mint, 15 grams of scutellaria baicalensis, and boiling water., Drink at a time.


The sick sheep will have symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose, decreased smell or loss, and may cause the hearing of the sick sheep;Rare nose.


Nasal polyps are mainly chronic inflammation. It is caused by repeated stimulation of the nose for external reasons. It can allow oral anti -inflammatory drugs for treatment. Generally, it can accelerate the dissipation of inflammation and improve the symptoms of sick sheep.If drug treatment is treated, surgical treatment is needed.However, for sheep, the significance of treatment is not great, and surgical treatment can be considered.


The nasal flies are parasites in the lamb nasal cavity.

Once sheep are infected by parasites, they will show their expression uneasily, crowded each other, frequently shake their heads, spray nose, or be on the ground with their nostrils, or buried with their heads under the belly or legs of the other sheep.Purgur or purulent nasal fluid, the nasal fluid dries up around the nostrils, forming nasal scabs, which causes the phenomenon of nostril blockage and dyspnea.


1. The sheep house per square meter uses 80 % of the downs of downs of emulsion oil, and the amount of drugs used based on the space volume in the sheep house.First put the medicine on the heated smoke hair vessels to let them naturally release the smoke, then drive the flock into the smoke, and close the doors and windows.After all the medicinal solution became smoke, the calculation time began. After 15-20 minutes, open the doors and windows, and drive the sheep out of the sheep.

2. Under the subcutaneous injection of Iveyin, or 3%of the Surdin nasal cavity.

Generally speaking, sheep’s continuous runny nose and dyspnea are mainly caused by these reasons, and their treatment methods are basically the same.

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