Why do some people conceive once?Women who want children, see if these features are available

Many people will come up with good news after getting married, and they will conceive their babies smoothly.But there are many people, even if they are very anxious to want a child, and often take various supplements and traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, but they can’t do so.

Seeing that I have passed the best age of childbearing, I watched my friends around me as a mother, but my belly was not angry, which could not help but make many women who are anxious to prepare for pregnancy: Why are some women easy to be able to be able to easily be ableAnd there are also some women, but it is very difficult for pregnancy?

Easy to get pregnant: good health

Good health is the most basic condition for women to conceive.If some surgery has been performed before, it has not fully recovered or infected, such as: pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, pelvic abscesses, endometriosis, etc., will affect conception.

In addition, multiple abortion will also affect pregnancy again.Women who want to get pregnant can go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. If it is a difficult pregnancy caused by a disease, it is recommended to do treatment first, and then prepare for pregnancy after treatment.

Easy to get pregnant: suitable for pregnancy

Pregnant pregnancy is not only easier to conceive your baby, but it is also easier to recover after production.After men are 35 years old, sperm quality will be reduced, which is also a condition for women’s infertility.

As women grow older, their fertility ability will also show a downward trend.Even with test tubes, its success rate will be lower than women.

Therefore, age is a very important factor that affects conception, but if it is exceeded the best fertility age, don’t worry, as long as your body is healthy and regulates your mood, I believe it will be successful.

Easy to pregnancy constitution: rules of schedule

Modern people are accustomed to a fast -paced life, especially young people, with high work pressure, overeating, and staying up late to become the norm, but for women during pregnancy, irregular work and rest are important reasons for infertility.

The body is in a state of sub -healthy for a long time. It is very difficult to get pregnant. Therefore, if you want to adjust your physical condition, you must first achieve the rules of work and rest, but also quit bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol.

Easy to get pregnant: moderate exercise

There are many benefits of girls’ sports. It can not only enhance physical fitness, but also help control weight. Women with excessive obese are prone to endocrine disorders and infertility. Therefore, regular exercise is also essential for pregnancy.

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