Why do some husbands be happy at the same time after the wife is pregnant?Strange "men’s pregnancy reaction"

After pregnancy, women will have unique phenomena such as pregnancy, fatigue, and loss of appetite. Medically, they are called "pregnancy reactions". This is now common sense, and almost everyone knows.

But what many people don’t know is that when the wife is pregnant, some husbands will also have the same "pregnancy reaction" as their wives, commonly known as "harmful joy", and this phenomenon is almost universal.The "pregnancy reaction" of a small number of men is relatively strong.

In a experience of experiencing the feeling of giving birth during an experience, he feels a little painful

Regardless of the situation, most men are not willing to mention the reasons for their self -esteem, or he did not realize this at all, but this phenomenon is real and widespread.

This is a very difficult thing to understand. Why is the husband who is pregnant and a child in the stomach does not have a "pregnancy reaction" similar to his wife at the same time?

As early as the European Renaissance in the 17th century, Francis Bacon, a well -known British philosopher, talked about this phenomenon. He believed that his husband was "infected" by his wife.Her husband loves his wife too much, and expects to accept God’s test with his wife.

British philosopher Francis Bacon

Limited to the level of cognition at that time, Bacon’s judgment was not easy, but at that time, no one believed him. People usually thought that "husbands were having joy" were disguised by men, and the purpose was to escape the heavier housework during pregnancy during pregnancy.Essence

Time is two hundred years.

In 1878, a paper in the world’s top journal "Liu Ye Dao" officially reported a case of a case of pregnancy reactions at the same time in the "New York Medical Journal" and "New England Medical Magazine".Similar cases have been reported, and the peculiar phenomenon of "men’s pregnancy reactions" has attracted widespread attention from experts in the world.

To this day, the "men’s pregnancy response" has become a cutting -edge topic in obstetrics and gynecology studies. Medically, it is officially named "Weng Weng Syndrome" or "male pregnancy companion syndrome".

Several men on the subway are doing public welfare activities

Men who are suffering from this disease will have symptoms such as pregnancy vomiting, irritability, drowsiness, fatigue, loss of appetite, which will seriously affect men’s physical and mental health. At the same time, they can’t hang on their faces.Essence

At present, the actual cause of "pregnancy reactions" after pregnancy has not been thoroughly identified. The mainstream of the medical community is generally believed that it is related to the secretion of hormone secretion and mental state in pregnant women.Usually, some pregnant women have a serious "pregnancy reaction", so they hurried to the hospital to hope to cure one and alleviate the relevant symptoms. However, doctors will tell pregnant women not to take medicine to avoid affecting the fetus.

Doctor check pregnant women

The doctors’ suggestions are of course right, but in fact, there are another layer of reasons -there is no drug that can prevent the vomiting caused by pregnancy, and basically all the "pregnancy reactions" can only be survived by the pregnant woman’s own will.

Women are still pregnant normally. After all, there is an extra doll in the stomach. Even so, this normal "pregnancy reaction" mechanism has not completely clarified, so the "men’s pregnancy reaction" in the belly makes the doctors feel that the doctors can’t touch it.The mind.

At present, some doctors in the medical community put forward a point of view that "male pregnancy companion syndrome" is mainly caused by psychological reasons. The husband is jealous or guilty about his wife’s pregnancy, so the husband has a "pregnancy reaction" similar to his wife.

Husband listened to the fetal movement in the abdomen of the wife

How do you say this explanation? I can’t find a real answer. I feel that it is forced to show a feeling. Basically, there is no essential difference between the saying in the previous Bacon.

According to a new research conclusion in Canada, hormones in men’s hormones in men’s body may occur similarly changes to pregnant women.

It can be seen that the deep internal mechanism of "male pregnancy accompanied by syndrome" is still a unsolvable topic in medicine. Its real causes, how to treat, and other problems in the medical community are still under research.

Although the true cause of the "men’s pregnancy reaction" in the scientific community has not been concluded, it has achieved some results in other respects.For example, how the chance of men suffer from this disease is the strongest "pregnancy reaction" at what stage.

The first picture of the man who experienced delivery, he felt painless

According to the results of a 300 sample survey research on the NHS (British National Medical Service System), about 80%of the "pregnant dads" have different "accompanied pregnancy" reactions during their wives.The most serious symptoms are strong pregnancy, mild symptoms include anxiety, constipation, loss of appetite, and so on.

Interestingly, after some pregnant dads, the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting are reduced after pregnancy.

In the investigation, women with reduced symptoms stated that when they saw that their husbands were tortured by pregnancy reactions could not stand, they felt happy and happy from the bottom of their hearts. Researchers believed that they were likely to be because of the mood of these women in the "husband’s pregnancy reaction reaction."The process was improved, thereby reducing their own pregnancy reaction symptoms.

Perhaps this is the legendary "I can’t stand it myself, let my husband help vomit".

Let you taste the taste of pregnancy too!

Some studies in the United States and Europe found that the peak period of her husband’s "pregnancy companion syndrome" was about 3-4 months after the wife was pregnant and before giving birth. At this time, the symptoms of the husband were particularly prominent.As irritability, even some people’s "pregnancy reactions" are more serious than their wives. When they see the wife’s pregnancy food, they will vomit and so on.

In fact, many husbands are difficult to understand about "pregnancy accompaniment syndrome". They feel that the world is simply malicious, and they have not conceived their children at all.No reason.Not only that, they usually have to stand up to the unsuitable people, so as not to be a joke by being found by the sharp -eyed wife.

The husband who got the "pregnancy accompaniment syndrome" was discovered by his wife and her girlfriend

This kind of thing can not be told to friends. On the one hand, no one believes it. Secondly, even if a friend believes it, I am afraid that it is not comforting, but a friend’s laughter.Who can know about the center acid.

Of course, more situations are that men do not understand the matter at all. The symptoms are inexplicable when men’s itself is in the direction of "male pregnancy accompanied by syndrome".When he dragged his wife to give birth to the child smoothly, the symptoms disappeared, and the incident naturally left behind.

Today, author Jun’s writing is to popularize relevant knowledge. He hopes that the majority of male compatriots will fully understand and recognize this phenomenon.

Once unfortunately encountered "pregnancy accompanied by syndrome", don’t be afraid, let alone sorrow, and actively adjust your mentality. If you are a Tang monk, you accidentally drink the river of your daughter’s country on the road of long scriptures. After all, when facing children in the future, in the futureYou can also be proud and proud to come to them:

We were pregnant in October!I have vomited!

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