Why do people have spots after pregnancy and some people have better skin?How many reasons for the spots during pregnancy?

Many mothers will find that their appearance has changed a lot in the early stages of pregnancy. Some mothers grow pregnancy spots after pregnancy, while some mothers have smooth skin and more beautiful skin after pregnancy.In fact, the long spots during pregnancy are mainly influenced by five factors. The expectant mothers who are worried about the long spots can take a look.Factors of long spots during pregnancy.How many do you occupy?

Let’s talk about the causes of noodles, such as melasma.The chloasma, as the name implies, is the yellow -brown skin color spots. The forehead, cheekbones, cheeks or nose wings of middle -aged women, some spots are symmetrically distributed, like a butterfly opened wings on the face, so the pregnancy spots are separate.A nice name is "butterfly spots".

For example, in the TV series some time ago, the kind and beautiful Shu Feiyi will have severe melasma when she is pregnant.

Why are some people easily grow spots after pregnancy, while others do not grow.What causes women to grow spots after pregnancy?

1. First, mothers with hot constitutions are prone to pregnancy spots.Pingti prefers to eat cold things or drinks; face red, red ears, poor temper and easy to be irritable, often fever in the whole body and fear of heat, often constipation, less urine and yellowing.If the mother has these physical performance before pregnancy, the chance of growing pregnancy spots after pregnancy is higher than that of other mothers.

2. Some mothers are caused by genetic factors.If the mother has a pregnancy spots when she is pregnant, the chance of her daughter will have a greater chance of pregnancy.

3. For example, excessive life of husband and wife will also lead to long pregnancy spots.

4. There is also a special situation that after giving birth to a child, spots, because the damage during production is excessive, such as abortion and clearing the palace surgery, it is easy to grow spots.

5. For example, the normal schedule is irregular.Life is stressful and nervous.Mom who stays up late for a long time.It is also easy to grow spots during pregnancy.

Some people with chloasma freckles or acne, try to use external plaster or mask to deal with.However, many mothers have to breastfeed after giving birth, and many plasters or masks added with hormone or chemical raw materials.It is not suitable for mothers.So what should I do if mothers want to remove freckles?

1. First develop a regular life and rest time, go to bed early and get up early.Do an appropriate amount.Help the fat into muscles, thereby fading the pregnancy spots of the hip and thighs.

2. Eat more bean -based protein, or to seafood with low calories and sufficient nutrition.Use olive oil, corn oil and other vegetable oils to replace animal fat.

3. Supplement vitamin E.Vitamin E has the effect of inhibiting pregnancy spots, and new mothers can supplement vitamin E.

4. Wash your face alternately with cold water and hot water.The new mother can wash her face with cold water, and then wash her face with hot water.To promote blood circulation on the face and accelerate the decomposition of melanin, thereby achieving a good freckle effect.

5. Persist in sunscreen.Because pregnancy spots are most afraid of sun exposure.The irradiation of sunlight ultraviolet rays will increase the melanin activity of the melanin level, which will lead to the formation of pregnancy spots

There are people who love beauty, and mothers are no exception.After pregnancy, many mothers’ appearance and skin will change.After pregnancy, the skin condition is not only about the face, but also a mirror of the body.In terms of Chinese medicine, the face is where the five internal organs converge.Therefore, the emergence of facial stains is not only a problem of facial skin, but also a problem with the whole body.

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