Why do everyone say that pregnant women can’t eat cold?

Pregnant women cannot eat cold, mainly because pregnant women are prone to discomfort such as pregnancy, diarrhea, and abdominal pain during pregnancy. Cold foods can easily cause insufficient yang in the body and cold abdomen, resulting in further or worsening the above symptoms.In addition, pregnant women have relatively low physical immunity and weak resistance in their bodies. They are easily attacked by cold evils, causing diseases such as colds.Therefore, in order to ensure the health of pregnant women and babies, we usually recommend pregnant women to avoid eating too cold food.

So, can pregnant women eat cold food?In fact, not all cold foods cannot be eaten, but depending on the specific situation.For example, if pregnant women are strong in their bodies or blood heat, it is beneficial to eat some cold foods with heat -clearing and detoxifying, such as mung bean soup, cold melon juice, etc., which can reduce thermal gas in the body and prevent the occurrence of diseases.However, if pregnant women are weak and are prone to symptoms such as diarrhea and cold, they should avoid eating cold foods to avoid injury and fetal and pregnancy health.

It is worth noting that pregnant women avoid eating cold food does not mean that they cannot eat any cold foods.Moderate temperature of raw cold foods can be eaten appropriately, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. These foods are rich in nutrients, which can provide necessary nutrition for pregnant women, which is conducive to health during pregnancy.However, avoid eating cold foods that are too cold, such as ice cream, cold drinks, etc., so as not to cause abdominal discomfort and cold.

In addition, pregnant women should pay attention to ensuring nutritional balance in their diet, and eat more fresh, healthy and easy -to -digest foods.Avoid foods such as greasy, spicy, spicy, irritating, heavy taste, so as not to affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.In addition, pregnant women should maintain a happy mood during their diet and avoid excessive pressure, so as not to affect appetite and digestion.

In short, it is a common misunderstanding that pregnant women cannot eat cold.Proper consumption of cooling foods is possible, but it is necessary to depend on its own physique and specific conditions.Diet should pay attention to balanced nutrition, easy to digest, avoid eating too cold or greasy foods, and ensure health during pregnancy.

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