Why do dolphins like to get pregnant women’s belly?Doctor: It is a "natural B -ultrasound", one by one

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As the saying goes, "tiger poison does not eat the seeds."Although the tiger is the king of the forest, he is cruel and irritable, but he has instinctual protection of his children.

This shows that motherly love is a common nature of biology in nature. Not only humans, tigers, lions, birds, and cat all have such emotions.

However, there is a kind of animal. It is very strange. It not only loves its own baby, but also is very interested in the fetus in the human belly. Yes, it is the "teddy in the water" -D dolphin!

A few days ago, the pregnant mother Xiaolei went to the Royal Marine World with her husband, and just rushed to the Shanghai dolphin performance. The breeder invited the audience to interact.

Xiao Lei always liked dolphins very much, and felt that they were very cute, so they walked to the pool and happily touched the dolphin’s head.

What she didn’t expect was that when the dolphin saw her, she seemed to hit the blood of the chicken. She jumped up and used her mouth to pinch her belly, scared her a few steps, and almost fell.

"It is indeed [Teddy in the water], scared me …" Xiao Lei clapped his chest with a lingering heart. As soon as she wanted to go back on stage carefully, she was pulled by the breeder.

"This lady, are you pregnant?"

Xiao Lei felt very strange, and asked, "Well, how do you know?"

"Ah, you don’t know, the dolphin uses your mouth to pinch your stomach, you don’t want to scare you, but say hello to the fetus in your belly. They are like B -ultrasound machines in the hospital.Existence. Don’t be afraid, dolphin temperament is mild, as long as you don’t bully them, there will be no matter. "

When he heard the breeder, Xiao Lei felt very novel and walked over to let the dolphin stab her belly, not to mention that these little cuteness was so excited.

The next day, Xiao Lei told the doctor when he went to the hospital. The doctor smiled and explained:

"Why do dolphins like to get pregnant women’s belly? This is because dolphins call [natural B -ultrasound] in nature, it can perceive the presence of the fetus in the belly of pregnant women, and even judge the state of the fetus.The fetus is not in good condition, and the dolphin does not care about you; on the contrary, the dolphin will actively interact with you, which proves that the fetus is healthy. "

Xiao Lei heard the doctor’s words, not to mention how happy it was. It turned out that the dolphin liked to pinch his belly, because the baby’s healthy development is healthy!

1. Sound wave

According to scientists’ research, dolphins can issue ultrasonic waves, and can judge the target orientation according to the signal of reflection, which is also called echo positioning ability.

Even the modern sound equipment, there is no ultrasonic sensitivity of dolphins.

However, the more powerful thing about dolphins is that the sound waves that emit are not a single frequency, and the speed can be freely changed. When receiving sound wave feedback, the jaw can receive high -frequency sound waves, and the ears can accept low -frequency sound waves. Is it particularly powerful?

The working principle of the B -ultrasound is the combination of sound waves and light wave technology. The sound waves produced are ultrasonic waves. After this ultrasonic wave enters the human body, reflects waves in the specific organ of the human body. Back to the B -ultrasound instrument, the instrument is inside the instrument.High -energy electronic computer, which forms an image after the energy conversion of sound energy and light energy.

Therefore, when the dolphin is stubborn, the fetus can feel the fetal heartbeat through ultrasonic. If the heartbeat is normal, the dolphin likes to continue; the heartbeat is abnormal, the dolphin will look at you bored, and then walk away.

2. Dolphin is the smartest marine animal

If a tiger, lion, and bear are the "natural B -ultrasound" in nature, is this still meaningful?

Mom is believed that any pregnant mother will have the courage to make these cruel animals go to their stomachs?They only bite their stomachs!

Dolphins are the smartest marine animals. IQ is equivalent to human beings aged 5 to 8 years old, and they are also the closest aquatic animals to humans. They can understand human instructions and will not easily attack humans.

Therefore, pregnant mothers can relax with dolphins!


However, any animal loves freedom, and human beings have no right to fish or raise them without authorization, which will cause harm to them physical and mental.

Pregnant education is to create a good mentality and breeding environment for pregnant mothers during pregnancy, prompt the fetus to develop normally and improve the innate quality of the fetus.

The fetus is not developed in the stomach of the pregnant mother, can they accept education?This is not nonsense!

Modern medicine has confirmed that fetal has the potential ability of education, mainly through the central nervous system and sensor organs.

So, is the dolphin prenatal education reliable?

There are no dolphins in the country, but there are many cases abroad. Elizabeth, president of Peruvian University of Pervilities, pointed out that dolphins can emit more than 30 sound waves with different frequencies, and these sound waves can stimulate brain development.

However, there is no scientific basis for this statement: the sound waves from dolphins can indeed come into contact with the fetus, but it may not help the fetal brain development. Dolphin does not know where the fetus’s head is specifically, nor does the frequency sound waves are beneficial to the fetus is beneficial to the fetus is beneficial to the fetus., So the effect of dolphin prenatal education is small, and pregnant mothers cannot follow the trend blindly!

Early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can perform music prenatal education. Not only can I regulate their mood, but they can also communicate the feelings between pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Music prenatal education has a fixed prenatal education song, such as Mozart’s prenatal education music, but do n’t find the music to play it. It will not only have no effect, but also hurt your baby.

Normally, the music should not be too loud, just speak normally, the player should not be too close to the pregnant mother, 1.5 ~ 2 meters.

3 times in the morning every day, 10 minutes at each time, the music melody is mainly soft and ease.

Mid -pregnancy

The peak period of the fetal brain development is in the middle of pregnancy. During this period, pregnant mothers can perform language prenatal education, aesthetic prenatalism, and light prenatal education.

Language prenatal education is very simple, nothing more than two ways:

① When the parents talk to the fetus with the fetus, everything can be said to the fetus.

For example, when you get up in the morning, the pregnant mother can talk to the fetus. Good morning; when pregnant mothers eat, they can tell the fetus for breakfast.

② Pregnant mothers can tell stories and read picture books to the fetus, but pay attention, do not be too stiff when telling the story, the sound must be emotional, the speed is appropriate, and the bite is clear. This is also a kind of mother and child communication.

French sculptor Rodin said a famous saying, "There is no lack of beauty in the world, but lack of beauty to discover beauty."

Pregnant mothers can visit the painting exhibition during pregnancy, or feel the beauty of nature by doing handicrafts and painting. At this time, the fetus will also feel the joy brought by beauty.

When pregnant mothers are pregnant 7 months, they can be used for light prenatal education.At this time, the pregnant mother can illuminate the abdomen through the sun or flashlight to exercise the flexibility of the fetal eyes.

Late pregnancy

When pregnant mothers are pregnant, they can touch prenatal education.

Pregnant mothers can gently touch their stomachs with their hands, and the fetus will feel this touch. This method is conducive to the development of the fetus, nervous system, and brain development.

Generally speaking, touching prenatal education should be carried out before going to bed.


① Do not touch prenatal education before giving birth may cause contraction and abdominal pain;

② When the fetal movement is severe, the fetus may be angry and stop touching the prenatal education;

③ Do not touch the prenatal education too long, be careful of the fetus around the neck.

If you want a cute and smart baby, the pregnant mother must persist in prenatal education. Isn’t it worth it?

Mother’s message

Dolphin is the "natural B -ultrasound" of nature. The fetus in the pregnant mother’s belly is good?However, dolphins are not machines, and dolphins have no scientific basis, pregnant mothers must not rely too much on dolphins!

Having said that, do you believe in dolphins prenatal education?If you have the opportunity to be with dolphins every day, will you try dolphin prenatal education?

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