Why do dogs pregnant?Is there any harm?What should the owner deal with it?

Some owners will be curious. They obviously live under their eyelids and have not matched them with male dogs, but they seem to be pregnant. Not only have they been practicing the pose of cubs, but even the breasts still secrete milk.In fact, this is because of pseudo -pregnancy, the dog mistakenly thought he was going to be a mother.But why do dogs have such behaviors?What should the owner deal with it?

Pseudo -pregnancy (hereinafter referred to as fake pregnancy) refers to a mature bitch, whether or not or not, has a physical change and behavioral changes similar to pregnancy, such as breastfeedingThe due date is not produced.Fake pregnancy is the most common among female dogs 6 to 8 weeks after estrus. At this time, it will cause this symptom due to hormones in the body.According to the severity of the problem, the symptoms may last for more than a month.Adults and elderly mothers, dogs that have matched or uncompromising may have symptoms of fake pregnancy.The incidence of fake pregnancy may be affected by age, variety, production, and environmental factors.

Dog fake pregnancy will show different characteristics over time.In the early stage of fake pregnancy, the dog’s personality is mild, and there is no difference between peaceful times, but there will be a reaction of great appetite increase/decrease, vomiting or diarrhea.In the middle period, the dog’s breasts begin to develop, which will become swollen, the abdomen will increase, weight gain, be drowsiness, and may still have attack behavior.When the delivery is near delivery, the dogs will be emotional, restless, anorexia, increased aggressive, and will start to build nests for cubs. They will often hold toys to a certain place.liquid.At this time, dogs will protect their toys, because it thinks of toys as cubs, so it is best not to grab toys at will, and maternal instincts are enhanced, and they are willing to feed the cubs of other female dogs.

If the dog is caused by endocrine disorders, these symptoms will disappear after 2 to 4 weeks.

1. Endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders are an important cause of dog fake pregnancy.After the female dog’s estrus cycle is ended, no matter whether it is pregnant, the ovaries have begun to produce hormones.These hormones can make the uterus prepare for the fetus and start to show pregnancy symptoms.If the dog is pregnant, the hormones will continue to occur shortly before the puppies are born.If it is not pregnant, the hormonal level will begin to decline after 4-6 weeks.The amount of progesterone hormone secreted by the luteal in the body is equivalent to the time when the macroscopic is pregnant, and the existence time is too long, and the phenomenon of fake pregnancy will occur.

2. Impact of reproductive diseases

When the luteal lesions of the dog can cause abnormally secretion of progesterone hormones. Other diseases such as endometritis, uterine effusion, and uterine pus can also cause abnormal secretion, which will cause dogs to show fake pregnancy.

3. Diet impact

In order to make the dog grow faster, some owners will feed it a growth agent or food containing a large amount of estrogen, which will disturb the hormone balance in its body.

1. If the symptoms of the dog’s fake pregnancy have not disappeared, the breasts are swollen and the juice is constantly secreted. The juice accumulates in the breast, which will have the risk of mastitis. In severe cases, it will cause breast ulcer or even necrosis.

2. If it is a false pregnancy due to pus in the uterus, dogs will always hume puzzling secretions, which will aggravate the disease and not treat them in time.

3. The symptoms of dogs are similar to many diseases, such as ascites and tumors. The owner may confuse the disease. If it does not cause attention, it will delay treatment.

If it is light vacation pregnancy, it can not be treated because the symptoms disappear within about 2 to 4 weeks.The owner can press its breasts at home to help it discharge the secretion of milk, relieve its swelling, and bring it an Elizabeth circle to prevent it from licking the secretion of stimulating milk.

After that period of time, the dog’s body was still unwell, the response was very large, or the behavior changed seriously, the owner needed to take it to the hospital for treatment.Doctors may use a tone agent to reduce its anxiety and perform urine -intensive treatment to reduce its milk production. In a few cases, hormone therapy may be required.If you don’t want dogs to mate and reproduce, it is best to help it sterilize in advance to avoid fake pregnancy.If dogs already have symptoms of fake pregnancy, they need to wait for all symptoms to relieve sterilization.

The owner usually pays more attention to the dog’s behavioral response. If it finds that it has a sign of fake pregnancy, pay attention to the time period of the development of the symptoms. After a period of time, the symptoms have not been relieved.Do not delay the condition.

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