Why do children become ugly after ordinary life, and female stars have basically changed?The answer is tied up

Every time I see the news of celebrities and children, I have to be envious: the same is the child, how can people have children as changes, but I have become ugly. I do n’t want to follow that kind?

Where is the part where the mother is easy to become ugly after pregnancy?


During pregnancy, expectant mothers have some brown spots on the face, which affects the face value.This is because after pregnancy, female body hormones change, making melanin easier to precipitate, and some parts of the body are black or even spots.

However, Baoma does not have to worry about the diet and schedule of ensuring regularity. Do not expose to the sun after giving birth. These spots basically disappear.

2. Postpartum belly "swimming ring"

Observe women who have given birth to children, you will find that some Baoma just looks at 90 pounds, but looks like 130 pounds. It is completely inferior to the girl’s period.Essence

The first is because the mother’s body becomes fat after pregnancy, and the meat on the belly becomes more. There is another reason that the belly is expanded during pregnancy. After giving birth, she is like a drum balloon.Broken.

Third, the buttocks widen and thicker

During pregnancy, due to changes in the production of hormones, the fat hip fat accumulation of Baoma has become more accumulated. In addition to the smooth progress of childbirth, the pelvic pubic bone will be opened, and the pelvic pelvic bone will be widened, the buttocks are loose, and the butt becomes larger.Those who come over can even see who has given birth at a glance through these parts.

Fourth, postpartum sleep insufficient sleep

After giving birth to a child, Baoma also opened the "hell mode". I didn’t sleep all night at night. I got up countless times to feed, change diapers, and check my baby’s sleep ….I was tired and tired, and I had more than three or four hours a day.

In the case of severe lack of sleep, Baoma’s eyes were dark, and her skin tone was rough and dull. It was a "yellow -faced woman" that was alive, and there was no time to clean up her.

How can the female star be so beautiful after giving birth?First of all, people have a reasonable planning during pregnancy, and do not give up exercise, and control their weight will not increase much. Secondly, after giving birth, the female star children have help to bring it. She has enough time to beauty skin care and exercise.If you want to return to the level of body before pregnancy, you are indispensable for time and self -control.

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