Why do Auntie always "report in advance"?It may be related to these 5 points of the body, come in and understand

Menstruation has been accompanied by women’s growth and development from adolescence, about 50 years old. It is 30 years during the period, and they have to experience every month.

The menstrual cycle is determined by women, usually between 21 and 35 days, with an average of about 28 days.Too early and late means that there is a problem with the body, but occasionally there is no hindrance.

Individual female friends are very confusing in advance in the menstrual period. What are the causes?Is there a problem with the body?

Premature ovarian failure

Ovarian is a special second sexual organs that exist in women. It secretes estrogen progesterone and maintains the physiological operation of the human body, which is equivalent to the sex hormone base camp.

Once the ovaries are prematurely aging, endocrine disorders, and hormone levels are broken, the menstrual flow of menstrual cycle will naturally become less and more.Only with healthy living habits and maintaining the ovaries can avoid premature ovarian failure.

Breeding ring causes

For contraception, girls will choose to wear a birthplace to avoid accidental pregnancy.As a foreign invasion, it is irritating. The sensitive uterine ovarian nest wants to eliminate it.If there is a blood secretion before and after menstruation, and abdominal pain sagging, it must be taken out early, indicating that wearing is not qualified, or it is not suitable for wearing a birthplace.

Qi and blood stasis

Women themselves are cold and cold, special physiological characteristics, and the influence of the psychological pressure of the external environment, emotional fluctuations, frequent anger, love to drill the horns.

Traditional medicine believes that the main liver drainage. If people cannot control their emotions well, their emotions are extremely irritable every day, which will affect the liver evacuation function and cause qi and blood stasis. Therefore, it will be guided to the uterine ovarian seductive menstrual flow and menstruation early.

Frequent contraceptives

Contraceptives are indeed prominent on contraception, but damage to women cannot be underestimated.If the number of times is too frequent, the menstrual disorders and menstrual cycle disorders will occur.Even individual women have special constitutions, and menstrual recovery occurs in taking contraceptives.

According to clinical data analysis, women should not exceed once a month for women taking contraceptives. Drinking too much will affect hormone secretion, premature ovarian failure, menstrual cycle disorders, and even amenorrhea in advance.

Unhealthy weight loss method

There are people who love beauty. Having a good figure is the dream of women.Fasting festivals are a shortcut that female friends often go to lose weight.This method is not expensive, it is not time -consuming and effortless. It is very convenient to lose weight as long as you are hungry.

The short -term effect is prominent, the consequences are very serious, the nutrition in the body is uneven, endocrine disorders, and hormone disorders. To lose weight, you must adopt a scientific and safe method.

Menstruation caused by qi deficiency

His face is red and white, his lips are purple. He usually has no energy at work and study. It is caused by qi deficiency and stasis.This situation can be conditioned through food therapy.

Put Chinese medicine such as red dates, angelica, Poria, astragalus, brown sugar in the pot. After boiling, drink and drink. The remaining ingredients continue to add water to drink.

Menstruation caused by blood heat

If the fire is strong and the liver fire is blocked, the menstruation will be advanced in advance. Female friends will have a clear sense of heat when sleeping, and the body surface temperature will be too high.

In this case, you can go to bed with a cup of celery water or milk. Celery has a rich meal fiber trace element that can be effective.

Menstruation caused by liver stagnation heat

In addition to the selection of menstruation in advance, this kind of crowd is dark and purple.Before menstruation, breast pain and breast hyperplasia.You can drink a few packs of motherwort, or cook eggs with eggs with brown sugar, which can effectively regulate menstruation early dysmenorrhea.

If menstruation is too frequent in advance, and even has other abnormal changes in the body, you must seek medical treatment early to clarify the cause, and avoid the uterine ovarian damage but you do not know.

To avoid premature ovarian failure, try to start in the details of life, drink plenty of water, exercise more, and eat more healthy meals.

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