Why did the boyfriend suddenly disappear after pregnancy?With 8 months of stomach, she wandered outside

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"Hello brother, my sister arrived at home with (already), thank you." WeChat news from netizens@““, let the high -speed rail Ningbo Station policeman who finally reassured.

Recently, he met a woman who was still wandering in 8 months of pregnancy at work. It was really worrying.Fortunately, after persuasion, she successfully reunited with her family.

According to the reporter’s understanding, things are like this:

On August 21, Lao Shi repeatedly noticed a woman with a big belly while patrolling at the ticket hall of Ningbo Railway Station. She was sitting on a stool and her mood was low.

She sat alone for a long time, and she had neither family members nor luggage. The police felt very unusual, so she took the initiative to ask.

At first, she refused to communicate and ignored the police.After the police, the police laphed patiently, and finally said the truth: she was 8 months pregnant. I do n’t know why her boyfriend suddenly ignored her after pregnancy.

Without falling, she came to Ningbo to find a job some time ago and never found it.

The belly is getting bigger and bigger, and no unit is willing to hire her, and the money on her body will be exhausted immediately. As a result, it has flowed for more than a month.

She wanted to go back to Hubei’s mother’s house, but because her parents were very dissatisfied with her love state and refused to accept her, she had been hovering after arriving at the train station and didn’t know where she should go.

Okay, the matter is basically clear:

At first, it was definitely that my parents felt that the boyfriend was not reliable. He asked his daughter to divide it early and don’t be with him;

Most of the daughters were stunned for a while, and they had to follow his parents and hurt him.

Now, with a big belly, he goes home with a big belly, and his parents must have said something.

After all, it is angry. Where will there be parents who do not recognize their daughter?

Police Lao Shi felt that pregnant women who have been pregnant for 8 months have to change their mothers at any time. They should be taken care of by their family as soon as possible. They live in a safe and stable environment and cannot flow alone.

Lao Shi asked the woman to ask her father’s phone number to help call to communicate.

Under the "family offensive" of the police, the father of the pregnant woman finally agreed to pick her home.The two sides discussed well. Lao Shi helped pregnant women buy a ticket and sent her on the train. Her brother went to the local railway station to pick up her.

After buying a ticket, the police Lao Shi also asked the pregnant woman carefully: Do you still have money?

The pregnant woman shook her head, and Lao Shi gave her 500 yuan as an emergency spare money on the way.

After the pregnant woman returned home, her brother sent WeChat to thank and repay the money.

Police Lao Shi said that in fact, this is really just a small matter in daily work. He has done a lot with his colleagues and colleagues.

Finally, I also remind everyone: home, or your harbor, don’t harm your family in the name of love.

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