Why did I have no reaction to pregnancy earlier? Is there a problem with the body, will it affect the child?

After pregnancy, according to the reason, there should be a normal early pregnancy reaction. It is similar to that you ca n’t eat meals and always want to vomit. He has no strength. It is particularly easy to get tired every day.

But I have been pregnant for two months now. Why not? Not only do n’t I vomit, I also eat a lot.Thinking about the weakness during pregnancy, "make the" husband call "husband, but the reality is quite cruel. Not only does it have the weakness of other pregnant women during pregnancy, but it is also better than before.The old public joke said, "I’m so relaxed when you are pregnant!" You said that he was angry.

In fact, according to normal, some women will have early pregnancy reactions in about 6 weeks of pregnancy, which usually shows: fatigue, lethargy, ca n’t eat food, like sour food, hate greasy oil fume, nausea, morning vomiting and other symptoms.

Is it abnormal that there is no early pregnancy reaction?

In fact, the discomfort of early pregnancy is not everyone’s experience. There is no early pregnancy reaction. In fact, it is also a normal phenomenon. That is to say, a small number of women will have no early pregnancy reaction.

Some pregnant mothers are particularly worried that they have no response whether there is a problem with the body and it will affect the fetus.

In fact, early pregnancy reactions vary from person to person. Some pregnant women spend a little time, and some only have minor early pregnancy reactions. These are normal pregnant mothers. Don’t think too much!

Does not have an early pregnancy reaction affect the health of the fetus?

Early pregnancy reaction has nothing to do with the health of the fetus.If you want to know whether the fetus is healthy, you can check the checks on a regular basis.You can do the first birth examination around 6 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors will check the baby’s fetal heart buds through B -ultrasound to confirm whether the fetus has normal development.

In fact, the worries of the pregnant mother during pregnancy are made sense. After all, the child is in the stomach, but he has no response, and he does not know what the fetus is.These can be understood.

Now I understand that it is a normal phenomenon that pregnant mothers do not have an early pregnancy reaction. Do n’t you still feel happy!The same pregnancy, you are much more comfortable than other pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy.But don’t neglect, you must do a good job of checking!

Is your early pregnancy response serious?How do you solve it, comment allows more pregnant mothers to get rid of the early pregnancy as soon as possible!

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