Why can’t you hold someone else’s children when you are pregnant?Will the children holding a diarrhea really have diarrhea?

Recently, a pregnant mother voiced to Xiaobian, saying that she went to her classmates to play. Seeing her little baby was cute, she wanted to hug.Who knows that classmates said, "funny, but you can’t hold it when you are pregnant. The custom of your hometown is that pregnant women can’t hold children, not good for the baby." It is a bit embarrassing. Can you really hold a child when you are pregnant?

For these issues, I believe that many pregnant mothers have encountered it, so can pregnant women hold children? Is it really bad for the baby?

There is such a saying in the people, and the editor has collected some. You can see that your hometown has such a statement?

Pregnant women hold their children, and the baby who has been held will diarrhea;

Pregnant women holding their children will absorb the children’s essence;

If you are pregnant and hug a baby, the child will be more difficult to control in the future;

Netizen 1: Don’t say that we can’t touch it. I didn’t know that I didn’t know that when I touched a little baby, his mother came to ask for my clothes.

Netizen 2: When I am pregnant, I often go to a little baby in the courtyard. Every time I hold that child, he has a diarrhea inexplicable and hugs several times. Later, I heard that it was my reason.Don’t hug other people’s children.

Netizen 3: I believe that my aunt didn’t know that he was pregnant and hugged my child. After that, he pulled up for more than half a month. It was useless to see the doctor for taking medicine. He told the old man at home and did not let her hold it.Some things have to be believed.

There are also many netizens who say that these are superstitions, but pregnant women cannot hold children with scientific basis!

1. Holding children during pregnancy is not good for pregnant women

Pregnant women hold children, the center of gravity of the body will be concentrated below the chest, which will make pregnant women feel tired and affect the blood circulation of the whole body.

2. Being unfavorable to the fetus

When holding a child, the baby will inevitably kick on both feet. If it is dangerous to kick the abdomen of the pregnant woman, it is easy to cause premature or abortion.

Therefore, for pregnant women, for their own considerations, it is best not to hold the baby. The customs in various places are different, and it is inevitable that they will make themselves.More about the issue of pregnancy and parenting, you can leave me a message. The editor summarizes the answer to everyone.

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