Why can’t the fallopian tube pass?The reason is this …

We all know that the fallopian tubes are important channels for transporting sperm and eggs. Only smooth fallopian tubes can make sperm and eggs meet and bed so that women have the opportunity to get pregnant.But some women’s fallopian tubes are obviously common, but they still can’t be pregnant. What is going on? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Unhealthy eggs

Women know that the most important condition that affects pregnancy is eggs, and high -quality eggs can bred a healthy and intelligent baby, but if the ovulation is normal, the husband and wife are in the same time, but if they still can’t be pregnantWorrying, you need to improve the quality of eggs to get pregnant normally.

Second, sperm is abnormal

If the fallopian tubes are common, women’s ovaries and uterus are also healthy, but they still can’t be pregnant, then it may be a man’s problem, because pregnancy is not a matter of one person.Men’s sperm problems can also lead to infertility in women, such as weak sperm, dead essence, essence, less essence, etc. These are more common diseases in men’s infertility. We must check in time.

Third, reproductive organs malformations

If women suffer from congenital vaginal malformations, vaginal narrowing and other reproductive organs such as congenital abnormalities, or inconsistent reproductive organ disease, it will also cause the normal function of the reproductive tract, cause the reproductive tract blockage, Cannot be combined with eggs, causing infertility.

Fourth, fallopian tube problems

Infertility caused by tubal tubes is one of the important causes of infertility, and it is also the most common clinical.Female fallopian tubes are blocked, water accumulation, adhesion, or abnormal tubal deformities and abnormal peristalsis. These will affect the normal combination of sperm and eggs, hinder the normal operation of sperm, and cause infertility.

5. Immune factors

There are anti -sperm antibodies in women’s reproductive tracts or serum, causing sperm to condense each other, lose vitality or death, which leads to infertility.In addition, some women have antibody -like substances to their own eggs, which can prevent sperm from perfusion of the eggs.

The above is the introduction of the reasons why the fallopian tube is smooth but not pregnant. I hope to help everyone. There are many reasons that affect women infertility.Causes of infertility, so if women want to get pregnant smoothly, they must first find out the cause of infertility before being targeted, so that they can get pregnant as soon as possible.

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