Why can’t pregnant women go out at night?This is not superstitious, there is a lot of attention inside

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Yesterday, a pregnant mother asked me: Sister Sister, have you heard that pregnant women can’t go out at night?Seven months pregnant, and recently my mother -in -law came to take care of me from her hometown.Because my husband was not at home during the day, he didn’t want to go out for a walk.Only after eating at night, accompanied by her husband, go to the park or supermarket near the community.But mother -in -law said that it is best not to go out after 7:30 in the evening, not good.

To be honest, I have only heard that it is not suitable to take children out at night. The statement about pregnant women is the first time. Probably this may be different customs in every place.However, I don’t feel all superstitious, try to listen to the opinions of the elderly at home.This is because for the pregnant mothers in a special period, safety and health are the most important to you.If you often go out at night, there are actually some hazards:

It is inconvenient to move and it is easy to occur.

If the pregnant mother has entered the third trimester and the stomach is significantly raised, the body will become relatively bulky.Due to the obstruction of the abdomen, many pregnant mothers basically can’t see their toes. It can be said that walking is inconvenient.What’s more, the light at night is relatively dim, and the stones, potholes or other obstacles under your feet may not be seen, so it is easy to fall and accident.

It is easy to be frightened, and it is not good for the baby

Some pregnant mothers will choose to accompany the family to walk in the evening, which is indispensable.But the problem is that many people in the evening will bring the dogs at home.Many pregnant mothers are actually more afraid of dogs, and it is easy to be scared by the suddenly rushing puppies.

A friend, eight months pregnant, when he went out in the evening, was chased by a wild dog.Fortunately, she took a flashlight in her hand and was not bitten by a wild dog.However, because it was not frightened, the stomach was uncomfortable that night, and quickly asked the family to take it to the hospital.

Of course, in addition to being threatened by small animals, night black wind is also the time to move some criminals.If the pregnant mother goes out at night and holds the bag, it is easy to be stared at by theft. If there is a sudden attack, the pregnant mother will be frightened.Coupled with the loss of money, think about it and you will be very aggrieved.

Increase the probability of staying up late during pregnancy

In fact, many pregnant mothers go out at night, except for walking, most of them go to eat supper or conduct some entertainment activities.Some pregnant mothers around said that her husband often took her out to play and eat at night, and usually did not go home until 1 o’clock.This is actually a way to stay up late, which is very unfavorable to pregnant mothers and baby baby.

This is because pregnant mothers are relatively weak. If they often stay up late and sleep insufficiently, pregnant mothers will easily feel fatigue and reduce immunity. Neuromatical diseases such as colds, gastrointestinals, etc. will come to the door.In addition, anxiety, depression, and irritability often occur, and their emotions are extremely unstable.


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