Why are women prone to wisdom tooth inflammation during pregnancy?

As the saying goes, toothache is not sick, it is really terrible to hurt!

Because of a wisdom tooth inflammation, Ms. Liu, a pregnant mother, can only endure the torment of toothache. When she supports production, her jaw has become a "honeycomb".

4 months pregnant, pregnant mothers wisdom tooth inflammation

Ms. Liu, 30, is an authentic Chongqing girl who has always been healthy.Who knows that at 4 months of pregnancy, Ms. Liu found that her left side of her left side was swollen. A few days later, even her mouth was limited. In desperation, she went to Chongqing Medical University Affiliated Stomatology Hospital for examination.The left mandibular wisdom is inflamed.

Due to the pregnancy period, the doctor was very cautious about the treatment and medication of Ms. Liu, and finally chose inflammatory inflammation.However, inflammatory inflammatory inflammation cannot completely eliminate inflammation. It didn’t take long for Ms. Liu’s wisdom teeth to be inflamed again.After repeated attacks, after repeated anti -inflammatory, in order to keep the fetus, Ms. Liu has been forbearing to teeth and pain until production.

Better to postpartum, jaw bone becomes "honeycomb"

Finally, she was struggling to be born. Just after confinement, Ms. Liu went to the dental hospital affiliated to Chongqing Medical University for examination and treatment.

"At that time, it was osteomyelitis." In the end, the team of Director Li Yong, Director Li Yong, the second department of the oral hospital, performed mandibular surgery for Ms. Liu.The treatment surgery was very successful, but this surgery impressed Director Li Yong: "After scraping the necrotic bones, the half -side mandibular bone like a honeycomb is covered with different sizes." Director Li Yong recalled recalledTao, "These holes are made from inflammation soaked in the corrosion of the mandibular bone."

After healing, the strength of Ms. Liu’s teeth and jaw will still be affected.

Most of them during pregnancy, decreased due to their own resistance capabilities

Not only Ms. Liu, but many women with wisdom tooth inflammation during pregnancy are confused."My body has always been healthy. Why does wisdom tooth fi inflammation occur after pregnancy?"

Director Li Yong introduced that this is because after pregnancy, the level of females and progesterone in women’s body has increased significantly, and its own resistance has decreased.Food 、 and breeding bacteria occur at this time.

After inflammation of the wisdom tooth, pregnant women will affect eating, chewing, swallowing, or restricting their mouths.However, due to the particularity of pregnancy, doctors’ treatment and medication are very limited, and to a large extent rely on the patient’s own resistance.A wisdom tooth inflammation was infected with the neighboring tissue organs or fascia gaps, that is, the infection of the gap. In the end, the inflammation was corroded to the tooth jaw bone, causing the occurrence of osteomyelitis.The treatment method also evolved from a wisdom tooth to the hospitalized general anesthesia surgery.

And "prevention is greater than treatment", this concept is especially suitable for women’s oral examination before pregnancy.Director Li Yong said that he has been in the medicine for many years, and he encounters many pregnant women patients due to oral inflammation, which leads to various suffering during pregnancy."During pregnancy treatment, the doctor was very cautious. When considering the fetus, various treatments would be risky. If these problems can be treated in advance during the preparation of pregnancy before pregnancy, it is much safer."

1. Check whether there are gingivitis, periodontitis, and dental caries. If there is, targeted treatment is performed to protect the oral health during pregnancy.

2. Remove wisdom teeth and eliminate hidden dangers of inflammation during pregnancy.

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