Why are there some "depression" of the belly button of a pregnant woman?Doctor: Affected by these 3 factors

Children are very important for every woman or even every family.As long as there are descendants, Chinese families can be truly fulfilled.Therefore, during pregnancy, all members of the family will censes pregnant women.Any small changes in pregnant mothers will cause various conjectures of their families.

When Xiaoyan was 7 months pregnant, she suddenly found that she was "protruding".In order to confirm whether the navel raised by certain diseases would affect the development of the fetus. Xiaoyan and her husband went to the hospital to consult a doctor.The answer given by the doctor also let the little couple completely let go.

In the society, the saying that "the navel is raised is a boy, and the navel is depressed is a girl". In fact, it is wrong. Without any basis, everyone cannot blindly believe it.

According to the doctor’s introduction, during the pregnancy, some pregnant women’s navels will raise, which is not only appearing on Xiaoyan alone.The reason is mainly divided into the following three aspects:

1. The development of the fetus and the increase in activities

The fetus develops from a small embryo into a person with hands and feet.In the position, it is easy to put pressure on the navel of the pregnant mother, and the navel of the pregnant woman in the later stages of pregnancy will raised.

This phenomenon occurs in a thin mother, because their uterus is relatively smaller. In addition, the fetal development is growing, and the frequency and intensity of the activity are getting bigger and more.The fetus will unconsciously top the uterus. If it happens near the mother’s belly button, it may also cause the pregnant woman’s navel to protrude.

2. Pregnant women’s own skin elasticity is less elastic

Under the pressure of modern meeting, many women sit or stand for a long time every day. There are very few exercise time and opportunities. There will inevitably be fat on the stomach, which is relatively loose.After pregnancy, the fetal development will make the pregnant woman’s belly bulging, and the navel may appear.

The difference is that the pregnant woman who has maintained exercise for a long time, even during pregnancy, the skin on the belly will maintain the original elasticity.Even in the late pregnancy, the fetus is getting larger and larger, and the probability of protruding the navel is relatively small.

3. Pregnant women are too tired during pregnancy

Maternual leave generally starts from half a month before pregnant women, so most pregnant women are at work during pregnancy.If the work you engaged in is relatively hard, or if there are many bending movements, the pressure on the navel of the fetus will be greater, which is likely to cause the navel to protrude.

Here, I also recommend that female friends are best to reduce physical activity during pregnancy, especially when the due date is near the due date, work should be suspended and rest at home.

However, it should be noted that even if the raised navel looks dirty, it cannot be pulled with your hands.Because the navel is connected to the human internal organs, it is very sensitive and should not be cleaned too clean.The pregnant woman’s navel is connected to the umbilical cord of the fetus. If it is excessive, it may stimulate the internal organs.The clean expectant mothers can wipe the navel with warm water to remove dirt and reduce the breeding of bacteria.

The above three are the reasons why the navel of the pregnant woman’s belly button. From this aspect, we can also find that the raised or depression of the navel is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. Don’t worry too much.Generally speaking, it will return to the original state after production.

Mom, do your belly button raised during pregnancy?Let’s talk about joy during pregnancy!

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