Why are contraception pregnant?It’s not easy to make a strange body, but to fall into contraceptive misunderstandings

The so -called "heart -shaped flowers can not be opened, and the shades of willow will be lined" are placed on the issue of fertility. I believe many people can convince it.There are many friends around me. I have been married for many years to regulate the body of my baby for a year, but those who do n’t want to have a baby who do n’t want to have a baby says that they are pregnant. This dramatic scene makes people cry and laugh.

Some people ask, how many pregnancy can women pregnant in their lives?According to relevant data, the average menstrual tide of girls is about 13 years old. If the cycle is 28 days, the girl will come to 13 times a year.There are more than 400 chances of pregnancy!

However, the best childbirth age of women is 23-30 years old. If 13 eggs are lined up a year, only 104 eggs will be excreted in the past 8 years, and nearly half of them will be wasted.So in such a small chance of conception, why are some people who are pregnant or in a break?

I really felt unwell last week, and I found that she was pregnant for nearly a month. At that time, she couldn’t understand and asked the doctor: "I know that I am a pregnancy physique, so I will take contraceptives in advance.What about it? Did you buy a fake medicine? "

The doctor explained: "The contraceptive pill itself has fat -dissolving effects and cannot fully ensure the contraceptive effect. For women who weigh more than 58kg in the ages of 18 to 39, it is easy to have the possibility of contraceptive failure."

Just like it is true, the weight of 62kg is exactly a fat body, and the metabolism in the body is faster than a thin woman. Therefore, the body’s fat is easy to grasp the effective ingredients of the contraceptive pill, which makes it difficult for it to enter the blood to play its own role.Therefore, if you swallow contraceptives at this time, it is difficult to contraceptive, and it is obviously more effective to choose a condom.

1. Male ligation technique

Male ligation surgery is a permanent contraceptive method, which is suitable for couples who have been born and no longer have a fertility plan.This kind of contraceptive is to ligate the vasters on both sides of the man’s body, so that the sperm cannot enter the vagina through the vascular tube, and achieve the purpose of no sperm in the semen delivered by the man, that is, the success of contraception.However, it should be noted that a few people will experience epididymal stasis after ligation surgery.

2. Venture tube ligation technique

Among the many contraceptive methods, the effect of fallopian tube ligation is the best, mainly to block the eggs of the fallopian tube, and do not give the sperm and eggs.

Although fallopian tube ligation has no effect on ovarian function, if you want to get pregnant again, you must perform fallopian tubes. This dredging process is more difficult, so the chance of pregnancy is relatively low.

3, contraceptives

There are two kinds of contraceptives on the market, one short -acting contraceptive pill, and one long -acting contraceptive pill.Short -acting contraceptives need to be taken every day. Relatively speaking, female physiological interference is small, and can be pregnant immediately after stopping the drug, but this drug is not suitable for women with diabetes or hypertension.

The advantage of long -acting contraceptives is that the contraceptive time is long and does not need to be taken every day. However, the physiological interference is large, it is easy to cause menstrual disorders, and the pregnancy must be successfully stopped after half a year.

4. In -the -palace birthday

The in -palace is commonly known as a contraceptive ring. It is a small device placed in the uterus. It has a safe and convenient characteristic, and it will not affect women’s fertility after removing.

However, for women with sensitive constitution, placing a scholarship is prone to lumbar pain and leucorrhea abnormalities, affecting their normal life.

5. Constitution contraception

The condom can be counted as the most useful contraceptive method. It is not only safe and effective, but also has extremely high contraceptive effects. It is more important that it will not cause much harm to women’s bodies, but it does not rule out that a few times of condoms will fall off.

6. Safety contraception

Many people in life will use the method of calculating the safety period for contraception, but this method is mostly suitable for women with the laws of menstrual cycle. If women with menstrual disorders or irregularities are very easy to calculate a safe day, then contraception will not be.success.

1. Safety period ≠ Absolutely safe

I wonder if you have such a feeling. As long as you have a room with female friends for a long time, the menstruation time of the two will always come.Some researchers said that this behavior was mainly due to the atmosphere hormonal caused a safe period, causing menstruation to come in advance.

Therefore, if you only believe that you do not need a condom or other contraceptive methods in the safe period, you are likely to be successful.

2, condoms are all lost

Data show that most of the condoms are really effective in 85%. During this period, no matter the texture or price, it may occur or fall off during the use of men.

3. Afterwards, contraception 百 100 % effective

Some people don’t like to take some contraceptive measures, so they are used to taking emergency contraception afterwards, such as taking emergency contraceptives.Generally speaking, the probability of emergency contraception is only about 70%first, and it must be taken within 72 hours after the incident, so the possibility of failure is very high.In addition, emergency contraceptives can only take at most or twice a year, otherwise it will cause female physiological disorders.

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