Why am I always hungry?These things can cause hunger

Your body depends on food to provide energy, so if you don’t eat for a few hours, you feel hunger.But if your stomach has been gurgling, and even after meals, then your health may have a problem.

Extremely hungry medical terms are multi -eclipse.Meaning to be in a state of extreme hunger, and this hunger does not disappear after eating.There are many causes of polymondiasis. If you have been hungry, please go to a doctor.

There are several things that can cause hunger.

Your body converts the sugar in food into fuel and is called glucose.But when you have diabetes, glucose cannot reach your cells.Your body lift it out and tell you to eat more.

In particular, people with type 1 diabetes may eat a lot of food, but the weight still decreases.

In addition to the great increase in appetite, the symptoms of diabetes may also include: extreme thirst requires more frequent urination. You cannot explain the weight of vision blurring wounds and bruises.Pain and fatigue

Hypoglycemia means that the glucose in your body drops to a very low level.This is a general concern for patients with diabetes, but other health problems can also cause this.They include hepatitis, kidney diseases, nerve endocrine tumors (insulin tumors) in pancreas, and adrenal or pituitary problems.

In severe cases, people with hypoglycemia may look like drunk.They may be unclear and difficult to walk.Other symptoms may include: anxiety feels that your heart is beating your skin to the skin pale

Without sufficient rest, it will affect your hormones that control your hunger.People with insufficient sleep have greater appetite and difficult to feel full.When you are tired, you are more likely to eager to eat high -fat, high -calorie foods.

Other effects of lack of sleep include: it is difficult to maintain alert mood changes. Stupid and clumsy. More accidents are difficult to maintain a sober weight during the day

When you are anxious or nervous, your body releases a hormone called cortisol.This enhances your hunger.

Many people are eager to eat foods that are both high sugar, high -fat or both.This may be your body trying to "close" the part of your brain that causes you to worry.

Other symptoms include: Angry Explosion Fatigue Headache Sleep, Sleeping, Stomach Domestation

Not all foods can make you full.The best food that suppresss hunger is high protein-such as lean meat, fish or dairy products-or high fiber.The good sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans.

Like nuts, fish, and sunflower seed oils can reduce your cholesterol level.They are the key to balanced diet and can help you feel satisfied after eating.

Cakes, white bread, many packaging meals and fast food lack these nutrients, but the content of fat and unhealthy carbohydrates is high.If you eat a lot of these things, you may find that you are hungry soon after eating.You may eat more than you.

If you spend more time chewing and enjoying your food instead of eating quickly, you may feel more full after meals.Pay attention to things in the plate, not TV or mobile phone, and it will help.

Some drugs can make you want to eat more than usual.Antimamines that treat allergies are used with anti -depression drugs, steroids, some diabetic drugs and anti -psychiatric drugs.

If you lose weight after starting the medication, this medicine may make you hungry.Please discuss with your doctor and find out other medicines that may be effective for you.

Many expectant mothers notice the huge leap of appetite.This is the way your body ensures enough nutrition to grow.

In the first three months (your doctor will call this first three months), most women add 4 to 6 catties, and then increased by 1 pound every week in the second and third month.

Other signs of your pregnancy are: Missing menstruation requires often urinating stomach uncomfortable breast soreness or bigger breasts

The thyroid gland is a butterfly -shaped gland on your neck.The hormone it manufactured controls the working speed of each organ in your body.If your thyroid work is too hard, you may have hyperthyroidism.

In addition to thyroid enlargement, the other signs of this problem are also: the pulse is accelerated and the sweat is tense and sweat is thirsty than normal polyps.

Many people drink sugar -free soda to reduce heat or lose weight.However, the fake sugar in these beverages tells you the brain that it is expected to use calories as fuel.When your body does not get any heat, it will open your "hunger switch" to tell you to get calories from food.

If weight loss soda makes you feel hungry, you may also notice that the desire of headache for sugar increases

Are you hungry or just thirsty?You may not be able to see the difference from the signal sent by your body.

Other signs of dehydration include: dizziness feels tired and darkened, or the color of urine becomes darker

Some studies have shown that if you drink a glass of water before or during meals, you may feel full because of less calories.

When you exercise, your body will burn calories as a fuel.This has led to the improvement of your metabolism, that is, the process of your body’s energy.For some people, this may lead to an increase in hunger.

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