Which zodiac girl is silly for three years?

Love is romantic and sweet. When love comes, people also lose their sense and enjoy the beauty brought by love, especially when women have experienced a transformation in life from love to getting married to pregnancy.She became a mother before she became mature. Previously, she was ignorant and didn’t understand anything. Some people said that she was stupid for three years. Is it true?Let’s see which zodiac girl is?

Zodiac cow girl

The zodiac girl is very kind, good at patience, and is not afraid of suffering. They enjoy the beautiful time of love and marriage, making them feel happy and sweet.

Someone loves her and someone hurts her, making her feel very happy. After pregnancy, she becomes particularly weak. She hopes that her husband can always accompany her.

This is impossible. My husband has his own career, his own job, sometimes his career is not smooth, and there are some emotions.

The zodiac cow women did not adapt after pregnancy, and she had to give up her career, and she could not get the chance to rise and promoted.

The mental state and physical discomfort, she has no job, and her family income is reduced, making her very anxious and sad.

It is also particularly easy to make an unknown fire, often sullen, and it is easy to suffer from depression. If the husband does not care and cares about consideration, the zodiac cow girl will become more solid and more depressed.

I often feel sullen, unwilling to communicate and communicate, emotional, and the whole person is irrational. It is likely that it is very bad because of trivial matters and husbands.

Husbands must be caring for persuasion in time, accompany their wives, and help their wives, but don’t care about it, or even quarrel with his wife.

Zodiac Tiger Girl

The zodiac tiger girl is a relatively strong person and a strong career. After pregnancy, they still adhere to work and develop their careers.

Unwilling to give up his career, unlike some girls who are safe and safe after pregnancy, they are also upset, do not know the weight, and the temper is also very fierce. This is not good for themselves and children, and they must change themselves.

Try to overcome your irritability, prone to anxiety, have more patience, take as much rest, move less, and give work to others.

You have to let your husband bear the housework, do n’t pack everything yourself, reduce the workload, but do n’t be stubborn.

As a husband, you must take responsibility and take responsibility. It is compared to letting his wife do anything. Do not let his wife stubborn.

Zodiac rabbit girl

The zodiac rabbit women are kind and gentle. They feel particularly sweet in love, very happy, and just want to be good to the other half.

After getting married, I need to stay with her at all half, accompany her, coaxing her to be happy, and she feels security before she feels happy.

After pregnancy, she is more dependent. She always wants the people she loves to care for her and do things for herself.

I was reluctant to leave for a moment, and her mood was unstable. Sometimes it became very naive, and she was sullen for no reason. Her high emotional quotient, high IQ was gone at this time, and did not know how to understand and understand others.

It doesn’t seem to be smooth, either I can’t find something wrong, or I can’t find what I want, which makes her very troublesome.

Her husband should care more about her, accompany her more, go out with her to take a walk, coax her happy, don’t blame her, let alone blame her, care more, and get better after asking.

Zodiac chicken girl

The zodiac chicken girl is a smart, diligent and capable person, dare to express, and dare to love and hate.

Fear of loneliness, like to communicate, they yearn for love, hoping that someone can cherish her, like her, and will not be confused in love, especially sober.

After getting married and pregnant, they are happier and happier. They are very happy every day. They look forward to growing up soon and longing for their mother to be a mother early. They are also very rational and smart people. They will not be pregnant for three years.

Although sometimes angry and sometimes quarreling with my husband, they come quickly and go fast, and they will not remember.


In the past, we did not understand scientific knowledge, and thought that girls would become stupid when they were pregnant. In fact, they did n’t understand them, do n’t care about their needs, and let them disappointed.

Their requirements are very low. As long as someone is accompanied by someone to comfort them, they are very satisfied. They feel very happy. They will not do stupid things. They are really stupid. They are also husbands.Essence

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