Which of the drug flow and abortion will recover quickly

Unexpected pregnancy is always a headache. If you do not plan to leave this child after accidental pregnancy, you must make a choice between the drug flow and the abortion.Which one of the drug flow and abortion is the least harmful to the mother? Which one of the drug flow and the flow of people will recover faster? Let’s take a look together.

To know which one of the recovery of the drug flow and the abortion, we must first know what is the difference between the drug flow and the abortion.

Under normal circumstances, it takes 3 days to take the medicine to achieve the effect of abortion. The effect of medication the previous two days is to inhibit progesterone and the role of progesterone.Once the uterine wall is no longer suitable for breeding embryos, the embryo will apoptosis due to endometrial rating and finally fall off.The main role taken on the third day is to shrink the uterus and promote the excretion of necrotic embryos.

There is a risk here. On the third day, this step of discharging the necrotic fetus from the body is the most important step in the entire drug abortion. According to statistics, 70 % of female friends will fail at this step. The necrotic fetal sacIf you can’t get out of the body, you need to remedy the Qing Dynasty surgery.

The flow of people should choose different methods in different embryo development. If the pregnancy is within 10 weeks, the negative pressure suction is used to directly suck the embryo tissue in the uterus.If you are pregnant for more than 10 weeks, you need to add a pliers and scraping to remove the fetus on the basis of negative pressure suction, which is to remove the fetus one by one.

Women suffering from thyroid disease, diabetic County diseases or long -term antiepileptic drugs, and aspirin drugs cannot choose drug abortion, and drug abortion is only suitable for early embryos.After 49 days of pregnancy, no drug abortion can be selected.

Although the flow of people can also be carried out when the month is relatively large, if the month is too large, the physical damage will be greater.

For the fast recovery of the drug flow and the flow of people, it depends on the physical condition and pregnancy status.However, under the condition, it is still recommended to go to the hospital for painless abortion. After all, the success rate of the drug flow is only about 80 %. If the drug flow is unsuccessful, it will have to be cleaned again for another surgery.And if the flow of people does not encounter a good doctor, they must also have a greater pain.

Regardless of whether it is selected or abortion, the body will be damaged. The best way is to actively contraceptive contraception to minimize the possibility of damage.If you have to choose a abortion, Xiaobian recommends going to a regular hospital for painless abortion.

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