Which is even more difficult during pregnancy, production, and lactation?It’s hard, but it’s strong for the mother!

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Many people ask, from pregnancy to production to breastfeeding, which stage is more difficult?Different mothers have different experiences, and the answers to this question are different.

Starting from the "association" with this little life, it is destined to accompany TA and experience a lot together until 10 months later.

1. Early pregnancy: low progesterone, fetal stop, brown secretion, early pregnancy reaction

As soon as I was pregnant, I was tangled with low progesterone, worried about fetal stops, went to the hospital to testify again and again, and asked someone to consult.The reaction, the vomiting of vomiting, the brain was not sober, and once doubted whether he was pregnant with a "mixed demon king" who was tortured by heaven, lying on the bed every day, while vomiting, he held his fingers for several days.Over early pregnancy.

I personally belong to a person with a serious response from early pregnancy. From the finding pregnancy, I was dizzy every day to almost unable to stand up. I have been lying on the bed for almost 16 weeks. Fortunately, there is a mother to take care of me.Ask me softly, "How is it today, what do you want to eat?", I always secretly bought me some snacks of my children, but I can do it, I can’t eat it at all, what to eat and vomit.Can’t smell, Xiaomi porridge and steamed buns have eaten for nearly four months.

Sometimes I am uncomfortable, and I also play with my mother’s temper. I don’t want to talk to her, let her go to her own affairs, don’t care about me.Later, after the child was born, the confinement was also taken care of by the mother. I always remembered the bits and pieces of pregnancy.I’m sorry for her, thinking that she must be good to her in the future and take good care of her.

2. In the middle of pregnancy: NT, Tang Siek, Definter Examination, Glycogen tolerance Test

After finally "alive", I survived the early pregnancy. The pregnancy reaction was better, the appetite was better, and the fetus was stable. I thought that I could finally sleep down.One, like a roller coaster again and again, began to be nervous before the inspection. The time for the results of the inspection and other results is difficult. I am afraid that some problems are found. If there is no problem, it is okay, and it will be even more worried.In this way, each of these examinations in the second trimester must go through this process of suffering.

Although I am studying medicine and have a certain common sense of pregnancy, every birth check -in during pregnancy, like the uncommon expectant mothers, I am also nervous and worried.When the "result is normal", the stone hanging in my heart can land.

3. In the third trimester: edema, frequent fetal movement, insomnia, suffering, constipation, pseudo contraction, fetal heart monitoring

The greater the belly in the third trimester, and these performances are getting more and more serious. After being woken up by the baby in the middle of the night, I ca n’t sleep, and the baby is kicked during the day.If you ca n’t put it on, you ca n’t breathe in your chest, tightness, and heavier constipation. He has hemorrhoids and pseudo -contraction belly., The baby is okay, you need to wait several times when you do not cooperate.

This is the life of the third trimester. Every day, the stomach is like a "top pot". It still has to be "all kinds of boiling in the pot".Intersection

The whole pregnancy was more than 25 pounds. It belongs to the type of "long fetus and not long meat". The belly looks large, but it is not bulky. It is also good for these reactions such as edema, constipation, insomnia, etc.After returning to my husband.Now think about it, it is still necessary to control the weight of reasonable weight during pregnancy. It is also recommended that expectant mothers eat reasonably, control the growth of reasonable weight, and be good for themselves and fetal babies.

Finally hoped that the baby was moved, and felt that it was about to be relieved, but the pain in the 12th level of level 12 was really unforgettable for life.If you do n’t live, you want to turn around in minutes; when you do n’t go smoothly, you may also experience side cutting, tearing, etc., and postpartum care and recovery are also embarrassing.

In the old saying, "having a child is a ghost door," this is not fake at all. Fortunately, medical development is now developed, and all technologies are good.Although I used "painless delivery" at that time, I did not experience the torture of "contraction and pain", but the process of Kuangkou was vomited (maybe the side effects of anesthetic).Double top diameter 9.9), I saw a scalp with a large coin, but I couldn’t give birth, and her face was purple when they were hard. The husband was standing beside him and was scared."Finally, the child was given to the child.

From the beginning of milk, whether it is a mother who has a good milk, or the mother who is not good at chasing milk, the transition to "balancing of breast milk supply and demand" is a difficult process.Breast drooping and so on, although there are 180 unwillingness in my heart, there is no way, I have to insist on giving the child to eat.

There is another problem before the child is 1 year old: frequent breastfeeding, lack of sleep!And the younger the age, the more serious, especially the night milk.At the time of being born, an average of 2 hours on average. After feeding each time, I settled a good child. I just wanted to sleep and found that the child was hungry again.

In this way, severe sleep, while feeding your baby, find various reasons to encourage yourself.To what extent can you be trapped: Sometimes you really close your eyes and feed, sometimes feeding your children to breastfeeding, but coaxing himself to coax himself first.

My son has been eaten 2 years old. During the two years of breastfeeding, although I always call hungry every day, the amount of meals is larger than my husband, so I still lose more than 10 pounds.By the time before pregnancy), the child started to work 4 months later, and "work-children" daily two points, so that they were not friends, no communication, and no other life.

So, to say, from being pregnant, it is difficult to be uncomfortable at stage; because choosing to be a mother is a difficult road, choosing to be a mother, it is destined to bear the mission of "mother" and interpret "The greatness of mother love "!

But then again, although it is hard, although it is difficult, when you feel the first fetal movement, the first time you see the baby in the B ultrasound, hearing the baby’s first cry, the first time you hold the baby, the firstFeed the baby this time, seeing the baby smiled for the first time, and accompanied the baby to experience the first turning, sitting, climbing, and walking.There is only one feeling: worth, everything you pay is worth it!

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