Whether you can dye your hair during breastfeeding, you will pay attention!

Some women like to dye their hair on a regular basis, but if you are breastfeeding, then you may re -evaluate this decision.So, is it safe to dye hair during lactation?

1. What should you know

At present, there are not many studies on the effect of hair dyeing hair during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but hair dyeing during breastfeeding may be safe because chemicals will not enter your milk.Therefore, new mothers do not need to be too nervous. Beauty is your right.

2. Chemistry consideration

Senior beauticians from North Carolina said that hair dyeing is safe during breastfeeding.Because the chemicals required for hair dye will not be absorbed by the scalp.In addition, the most worried issue of lactating mothers is that the chemical smell of chemicals produced after hair dyeing may dislike.In this regard, mothers can try to choose hair dye that tastes less obvious.

3. If you are still worried

If you are still worried that hair dyeing during lactation will have a bad impact on your child, you can consider making some color on some hair, so that your hair dye will not touch your scalp, and it will not penetrate into the scalp.In addition, you can also consider wearing hair to meet your needs for hair color or even hairstyle.

4. Happy factors

Become a new mother, this must be a tiring experience. At the same time, you also need to deal with the physical changes caused by postpartum, especially when you are still in the recovery stage a few weeks before giving birth.If you have the habit of dyeing your hair, arranging a self -decorative date can help you improve your self -confidence.

5. Other needs to be considered

If you have the habit of changing your hair every month, you may want to discuss with the hair stylist a simpler way, because you are now a mother.The famous New York Magic Macinopos is saying that you don’t need to cut off your hair because of becoming a mother. The price is too high, but you can adjust and modify the hairneed.

Of course, if the new mother is still concerned about it, then she is temporarily put on the hair dyeing plan and is the most insurance.

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