Whether the husband and wife are intimate during pregnancy, the impact on the baby is different, young couples should understand

Many people face a problem after pregnancy, that is, during pregnancy, can they have the same room?If the same room is in the same room, will it hurt the baby?

Xiaoli is in a bad mood recently because she is pregnant and has been four months old.

Due to the abnormal impact of hormone levels during pregnancy, Xiaoli’s temper is not very good, and often cannot control the fire.In addition, I dare not have the same room during pregnancy, and I am worried that there is a bad impact on the child, and my feelings and my husband’s feelings have faded.

Although Xiaoli knew that it was wrong, she couldn’t control herself.Because of this incident, my heart is even more distressed, and I am usually more angry.

Two days ago when communicating with a group of mothers and expectant mothers, Xiaoli finally couldn’t help but asked this question that had troubled herself for a while.

In fact, you can have the same room during pregnancy, but you have to pay attention to the time of pregnancy.

Generally speaking, do not have the same room in the first three months of pregnancy and the next three months. It is possible in the second trimester. In the same room during this time, as long as you pay more attention, not only will not affect your baby, but also have many benefits to your baby.

1. It is conducive to fetal development

In the same room during pregnancy, the mother’s blood flow rate can be accelerated during the same room, so that there are more nutrients in amniotic fluid, and more nutrients that can absorb the baby, which has great benefits to the baby’s development.

In addition, in the same room, dopamine produces dopamine in the same room, making the human body more excited.

The baby is also affected in the mother’s belly. These dopamine can also promote the baby’s intellectual development.

2. It is beneficial to the delivery in the future

In the same room during pregnancy, it can not only promote the shrinkage of the uterus, but also help the pelvic cavity to relax and speed up the blood of the pelvic cavity.Such exercise is also conducive to the delivery of the future.

In addition, the exercise of the pelvic muscles during pregnancy is also conducive to postpartum recovery.

3. Promote the relationship between husband and wife

Many husbands and wives have stopped sex because they are worried that they will hurt their babies after pregnancy. For a long time, they are not good for the relationship between the two parties.

Proper sexual life can promote communication between two people and make the relationship between two people better.

Although there are many benefits in the same room during pregnancy.But not everyone is suitable for the same room during pregnancy.

If there is the following situation, it is not suitable for sex during pregnancy, otherwise it is likely to hurt the baby.Men’s disease

If men have diseases, especially bacterial diseases, they are not suitable for the same room during pregnancy.

If you have a room during pregnancy, it is likely that bacteria will enter women, which will not only cause women to be infected, but may even affect the baby’s health.Women are weak

If the body of a woman was originally weak, during pregnancy, even because of worrying about the baby’s condition, everything needs to be cautious, and they need to lie in bed to keep the fetus. In this caseDuring the process, it causes damage to the baby and then miscarriage.

The placental position is wrong

Generally, the baby will find his own position shortly after pregnancy.

However, if some pregnant women appear on the placenta front or the links of the placenta and the uterus are not close, be careful not to do the same room, so as not to cause miscarriage in the same room.

When the husband and wife are pregnant, if the body allows, proper sexual life is not only conducive to the more stable feelings of the two people, but also great benefits to the baby.

However, before it is underway, it is best to check the body. It is not suitable for the baby to cause the baby to cause the baby, or the fetal instability is not suitable for the same room to avoid accidents.

If there are these special circumstances, you must tolerate it. Do not regret it later because of the joy.After all, this baby is not easy to get. The baby can be healthy and healthy than anything.

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