Where is the rice noodles in the country delicious?After voting by netizens, these 8 are famous, do you have your hometown?

Netizens have evaluated the top 8 rice noodles nationwide. Are these places on the list, do you have your hometown?

The north side of the South Mi is the most distinctive dietary difference in the north and south regions of my country. Northerners grow wheat and like to eat flour foods, such as noodles, buns, and southerners. wait.

Many northern friends are unable to eat noodles a day. In the south, people in the south are uncomfortable without eating rice noodles.

Where is the best rice noodle in the country?After the voting of netizens, the top 8 rice noodles in the country are evaluated. These 8 are the most famous. These areas are on the list. Let’s see if you have your hometown?

Those who have been to Nanchang, Jiangxi have heard of the names of noodles mixed with powder in Nanchang in Jiangxi. In the streets and alleys in Nanchang, there are noodles everywhere. According to statistics, Nanchang people eat nearly 6.3 million pounds of rice noodles every day. On average, everyone ate 1 catties of rice noodles a day.

This number is too horrible, resulting in Jiangxi’s largest province with rice noodles. The ranking of Nanchang powder is indeed deputy. In fact, Jiangxi is relatively low -key. Many people may not know that Jiangxi people also love rice noodles so much.

With the development of the Internet era, snail powder has become the Internet celebrity of the rice noodle food industry. It is said that the snail powder is still exported overseas, and even foreign friends have tried this unique taste.

Although there are no snails in the snail powder, in fact, the soup base of the snail powder is boiled with snails, and the sour bamboo shoots with full smell make the snail powder taste stinky and sour, making many young people want to stop.

People in Yunnan also love to eat rice noodles, but they call rice noodles: rice noodles, in fact, they all mean the same. There are many ingredients in authentic Yunnan crossing bridge rice noodles.Eggs, green onions and so on.

There are rice noodles in the streets of Yunnan. There is a special sense of ritual in Yunnan people to eat rice noodles, which makes people respect after watching it.

Chongqing hot and sour powder, many people have eaten it. When studying, there are various hot and sour powder stalls at the school door, 5 yuan a copy, which is very Q bombs, numb, sour and refreshing.I can’t stop it after eating.

Many people like to go to the hot and sour powder stalls at the school gate as soon as they go out from school. Not only are they appetizing, they have a very good taste. People who have eaten say they are very good.

Guilin landscapes, and Guilin’s rice noodles are also very powerful.

In Guilin people, people like to eat rice noodles three meals a day. In the streets and alleys of Guilin, a 3 yuan rice noodle has become a breakfast for many people. Guilin’s rice noodles are not only cheap, but also full of taste.System, you can also put various small side dishes, such as sour beans, pork intestines, braised eggs and other snacks.

In Changde, Hunan, people are the same. They can not play cards, but they must eat powder.

Changde people like to eat beef powder, like peppers, and rice noodles are also heavy. In Changde, there are all kinds of old -fashioned rice noodles. Many rice noodles have survived for nearly two or three decades.

In Jiangxi Jiangnan, people like to eat pepper, but the most famous rice noodles are three fresh powder, but people in Jiangnan still like to add chili sauce when eating Sanxian powder.

Breakfasts in Jiangxi Jiangnan are mainly rice noodles. There are three kinds of snacks in Sanxian powder with pork, pork liver, and pork large intestine. The shops will also put some vegetables in.

Sanxian powder is made of broth made of bones, which tastes very delicious and is loved by everyone.

In Sichuan, Mianyang people are one of the areas that like rice noodles the most. Mianyang people like to put beef, peas, and kelp into rice noodles, and then accompanied by green onion coriander. This bowl of rice noodles must eat food for breakfast for breakfast.

The above 8 places are the top 8 places in the country who love to eat rice noodles after voting. People in these places can not eat rice a day, but they cannot eat rice noodles for a day.

Do you have your hometown in these 8 places?

What do you think of this?

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