Where did the women in the Mainland go to Hong Kong to make a prisoner "Double Fei" babies go?

The Social Welfare Department stated that since 2018, a total of 197 "double -non -" children have stayed in the children’s hospital.(Dagong Wenhui All Media Data Map) A 26 -year -old mainland woman arrived in Hong Kong as a passenger and went to the emergency room without an appointment.The woman was sentenced to a false statement to the employees of the Immigration Department for suspected of her pregnancy. She was sentenced to 14 months on March 22 in the Hong Kong Shatian Magistrate Court.And when the mother was sentenced to prison and his father could not obtain a valid visa to come to Hong Kong, where should the "double non -" babies go?"Children will arrange appropriate children’s care services by the Social Agency.According to the Social Agency, in general, when dealing with children’s welfare cases, the social union first provides counseling and support for parents or relatives to help them make proper care arrangements for children, so that children can continue to live with familiar loved ones.Children born in Hong Kong and their parents are all mainlanders of non -Hong Kong residents, the so -called "dual -non -" children. If they lack their parents’ care during their residence and have not been arranged for proper care for their parents.In response to the actual situation of the case and the welfare needs of children, it will assist in arranging appropriate child care services.In the past five years, 197 "Double African" children entered the Children’s Hospital Dagong Wenhui Full Media have launched an exclusive report earlier reports "Will the children of the" Double Africa "in Hong Kong have Hong Kong Children? The response is here, and it is pointed out that according to the" Entry Regulations ",Chinese citizens born in Hong Kong before or after the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and enjoy the right to residence.This means that the "double non -" parents who forcibly "break through the barrier" to Hong Kong have illegal behavior, but their children are in line with the condition of "babies produced by parents for Chinese people in Hong Kong" and can still obtain permanent resident status in Hong Kong.But after the newborn was born, the mother had to face the criminal responsibility.Although the "double non -" young children can get Hong Kong identity, they have no care of their relatives and friends in Hong Kong, and they are even abandoned.The Social Agency stated that since 2018, there are a total of 197 "dual -non -" children who have stayed in the children’s hospital. As for the data in 2017 or before, there is no preparation."Single and double non -" baby birth numbers have decreased only 131 the previous year. Since 2013, the SAR Government has launched a "zero dual -non -" policy. All public and private hospitals will not accept "double -non -" pregnant women’s delivery appointments.As for the spouse as a Hong Kong resident or permanent resident, it is a "single" pregnant woman for mainlanders, and it can make an appointment for delivery services in a private hospital through special arrangements.According to the figures of the Government Statistics Office, before the implementation of the "zero and double non -" policy, the spouse came to Hong Kong to produce a child in Hong Kong for non -Hong Kong permanent residents. In 2011, it reached its peak.Single -Fei "Babies were born in Hong Kong.In 2021, there were only 131 "double non -" or "single" babies born in Hong Kong.(Data diagram) As of 2013, after the arrangement came into effect, the number of "double non -" and "single" babies had a sharp decrease of 790. In the next few years, the trend of decreased year by year was roughly maintained.During the 2020 and 2021, I believe that due to the impact of the two places in the epidemic, the relevant number of birthdays further dropped to 218 and 131 cases."Gao Cai Tong" has become a new way to go to Hong Kong to have children? Under the close supervision of the SAR government, the "double non -" pregnant women who go to Hong Kong to have children have greatly reduced.However, Hong Kong’s resources such as education and medical care are still very attractive, so that many people are still looking for legal "loopholes" and obtain Hong Kong identity for new children.At the end of last year, the government launched the "High -end Talent Public Permit Plan" to absorb high -income talents and top 100 university graduates from the world to develop in Hong Kong. Unexpectedly, it became a "new opportunity" for some people to come to Hong Kong to have children.The reporter checked on the Internet. Many intermediaries promoted "the fastest and most convenient way to go to Hong Kong to have children in Hong Kong", claiming that we can help customers apply for "Gao Caitong" to have children in Hong Kong.The pain points of the parents of Hong Kong students ".On the social platform of the Mainland, women who have successfully obtained the "Gao Cai Tong" visa have been pregnant for 27 weeks, and they directly recognize that they hope to rush to Hong Kong to "give birth to baby" through the plan to allow children to obtain Hong Kong people.Sun Yuzheng, the director of labor and welfare, said today (29th) that as of March 14 this year, more than 17,000 applications have been received, and more than 10,000 are approved.Source: Dagong Wenhui Full Media

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