When you drink water, you have a lot of urine. What is going on?After reading these 4 points, everyone may understand

"Oh, stomach hurts" – "Drink more hot water"

"Oh, headache" – "Drink more hot water"

In daily life, if a headache brain heat appears, or when the pain is painful, the most thing you can hear is to drink more hot water, and hot water seems to be a magic medicine for cure diseases.

As the source of life, drinking plenty of water can indeed bring a lot of benefits to the human body. Some studies have found that people can survive for a few weeks without eating food, but if people do not drink water, they can live for three days.The importance of human life.

As we all know, after drinking water, the human body needs to generate urine through the kidneys, and then the toxins and garbage in the body will be excreted with the urine.I do n’t know if everyone usually finds such a situation. One kind of people will go to the toilet frequently after drinking the water. Is it a problem with his kidneys as soon as you drink water?Let ’s answer this question. After reading it, everyone should understand.


When you drink water, you have a lot of urine. What is going on?After reading these 4 points, everyone may understand

1. Drink too much water

When the human body drinks more water in a short time, it will absorb through the intestine, which increases the blood circulation of the body.After the increase in blood circulation, the blood volume of the kidneys will increase through the kidney, which will stimulate the regulatory function of the kidney.

The kidneys will be filtered through glomeruli, producing more urine. Through urine, more water and metabolic waste are excreted from the body. This is an important role in the kidney -regulating water balance.

2. Inflammation stimulation

After suffering from prostate diseases or pelvic diseases, such as prostatitis and pelvic inflammatory disease will also cause people to increase urine output after drinking water.

Because when suffering from these diseases, the bladder cannot be filled normally. If the amount of water drinking is less, the bladder will also fill the bladder, which will lead to an increased urine output.If it is caused by these diseases, it is usually accompanied by frequent urination, pain, forks, urine waiting, urine waiting, back pain, and abdominal distension symptoms.

3. Fast speed of drinking water

Many people will drink a lot of water quickly when they are extremely thirsty. However, this practice not only does not play the role of replenishment, but will cause more water loss.The intake of water is closely related to the regulation of excretion.

If the speed of drinking water is too fast, the amount of liquid in the whole body will increase, which will lead to a decrease in osmotic pressure. The kidney will excrete more water through the dilution of urine. ThereforeCondition.

4. Decreased bladder capacity

If the number of continuous urination is increased and the amount of urine is small each time, it is difficult to relieve it even through drug treatment, which is likely to reduce the bladder capacity.

It is mainly found in the huge occupying of the bladder. Especially for women in pregnant women, such symptoms are prone to occur. Pregnancy uterine increases or ovarian cysts such as compression of the bladder will increase the number of urination times.


What adverse reactions will the body appear when the kidneys appear abnormal?

1. The color of the urine changes, the urine color becomes red, and the naked eye hematuria occurs;

2. When the protein increases, there can be foam urine, small and dense foam, and may not be dispersion;

3. When acute renal failure occurs, the patient’s urine output can be reduced, and even changes in less urine and urine without urine;

4. If the patient has abnormal renal function, it can lead to anemia, which manifested as fatigue, weakness, and poor complexion;

5. If there are more proteinuria and low protein ledis, double limbs, swelling of the lower limbs, swelling of the eyelids, and even symptoms such as chest water and ascites;

6. Patients with renal diseases have abnormal renal function, especially when severe damage to the kidney function, which can lead to metabolic acid poisoning in patients, manifested as nausea, anorexia, and odor in the mouth.Patients with hyperthyroidism can cause symptoms such as itching, thickening of the skin, and bone pain in the skin.


Regarding urine of different colors, everyone should pay attention to distinguish and attract attention

Normal urine is pale yellow, clear and transparent liquid; if red, tea, milky white, etc. appear, you need to pay attention.Milky white (chyluria): common in filamentous disease, abdominal tumor, etc.Light red or brown -red (hematuria): Common on kidney disease (tuberculosis, stones, inflammation, etc.), and can also be seen in primary platelets to reduce purpura and hemophilia.Soy sauce color, wine color (hemoglobinuria): common in paroxysmal hemoglobinuria, broad bean disease, hemolytic anemia, malignant malaria, etc.Dark yellow (bilirubin urine): It is common in yellow -green (green psaluria urine) such as obstructive jaundice and hepatocytosis jaundice: common in the urinary system Greenwood infection.

Kind tips:

If you want to maintain the health of the kidneys, you must develop good living habits in normal times. Drink plenty of water, accelerate the discharge of toxins and garbage in the body, and reduce the burden on the kidneys. At the same timeIncrease, drain the urine.

Conclusion: The kidney is the innate foundation. The source of life, nourishing the kidney is the root cause of raising people, so everyone must pay attention to the maintenance of the kidneys.

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