When you are pregnant, you have to send your pet away?Doing this can avoid cat infection of Toxoplasma worm

At present, more and more people like small animals, and they also choose to raise small pets at home.But once the hostess is pregnant, she will receive a warning from her parents, in -laws, and even seven aunts, and let the pets at home.Especially a cat with a cat at home will be strongly opposed by the family.

The reason why everyone worry about cats during pregnancy is actually unreasonable because cats are likely to have a parasite called Toxoplasma.For pregnant women, this kind of parasite threatens a lot, which is likely to cause complications or even death during pregnancy, and it may be transmitted to the fetus in the belly.

Gow -shaped worms can infect all constant temperature animals, including mammals and birds, but the reason why cats are particularly alert during pregnancy are not other animals because cats are the final host of bow -shaped worms.Dowry out.

The first is the stool of cats.As mentioned earlier, if a cat is infected with a bow -shaped worm, it may have a bowworm eggs in the feces it excreted, but only cats infected with toxoplasma infected can be discharged for the first time.Generally speaking, cats will continue to discharge about 10 million insect eggs every day in 10-20 days.

When the eggs are excreted, because it is to adapt to the in vitro environment and humidity, it will start to be infectious about 1-5 days.However, the survival time of worm eggs continues, and it can survive in the soil for about 18 months.Therefore, pregnant mothers must be vigilant and careful.

The second is through infected animal meat.Although only cats are infected with bow -shaped worms, only cats will lift the bowworm eggs out of the body, but they cannot relax and be vigilant completely.If the pregnant mother eats meat, infected, infected pigs, cattle and sheep, etc., it is likely to be infected by the bow -shaped worm bag.

As mentioned earlier, if a cat is infected with a bow -shaped worm during pregnancy, it is very likely that the pregnant mother is infected.Therefore, cat prevention is particularly important.Do not eat raw meat and livers for cats, and isolated from outside wild cats and feces, so as to avoid cats from infection with bow -shaped worms.

In addition, the hostess should not handle the cat’s feces during pregnancy. It is best to wear a glove to handle it.At the same time, do the cleaning of cats and cat litter.In this way, even if the cat is not sent away, it can avoid infection during pregnancy.

Of course, this is not enough. After all, other meats, vegetables and fruits may also have toxoplasma.Therefore, the diet of pregnant mothers should also pay more attention, such as not eating raw meat, washing fruits and vegetables before eating, not drinking uninterrupted dairy products, and so on.

You pregnant mothers, scientific cats can make yourself from infection to the greatest extent.If you have any questions, leave a message to tell us ~

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