When you are pregnant, how to avoid panic, short chest, dizziness?Do these 3 small things or less effort

Bringing life is a sacred and exciting thing, and many expectant mothers are also careful to wait for the new life in their stomach.However, pregnant women occasionally have some physical discomfort, such as panic, short chest, dizziness, and dizziness. What is this?If these symptoms occur, what should pregnant women do to relieve it?

1. What is going on with the heart of pregnant women, panic, short chest and tightness?

In real life, it is common for pregnant women to panic, short chest and dizziness.Although there is no need to be nervous in most cases, these symptoms may be a small signal of the body.For example, the blood pressure may be too high, which is caused by the body hormone during pregnancy and the excessive demand for oxygen.Of course, the heart of the heart or the blockage of the lungs and the respiratory tract can also cause similar symptoms.With the increase of the uterus and the continuous secretion of progesterone hormones in the body, many of the previously not obvious problems may increase.At this time, it is required to help doctors and use scientific methods to relieve.

2. How can I avoid panic and short chest and dizziness when I am pregnant?

1. Pay attention to standing and sitting position

With the continuous increase of the fetus in the stomach, the demand for oxygen also began to increase. This is why pregnant women often have chest tightness, shortness of breath and dizziness.Don’t be too nervous if these symptoms appear.The best way is to master the correct sitting posture.In order to maintain the maximum stretching of the lungs, do not bow back, sleeping sideways and raising the pillow while sleeping is also a good choice.

2. Don’t be too "three high" in your diet

Some pregnant women found that they started to stand still after they were pregnant.On the surface, this approach is to increase nutrition to themselves and the fetus, but it is actually too late.High -salt, high sugar, and high -fat diet are not healthy and nutritious. Instead, the risk of excess nutrition is replaced. If you always eat so rich in your mouth, then be careful of the small alarm issued by your body.With the increase of weight, the symptoms of chest tightness and dizziness will be more obvious.So the expectant mothers who are uncomfortable should reflect on their recent eating habits.

3. Maintain a good schedule and pleasant mood

Postpartum depression and prenatal depression are a major enemy of pregnant women’s health. During pregnancy, due to changes in indicators such as hormones in the body, physical discomfort caused by emotional fluctuations is very common.At this time, you need to pay attention to these expectant mothers. Do not sleep late, form a regular sleep and work schedule.Strong exercise is absolutely impossible, but proper exercise can effectively alleviate various symptoms of the body.Similarly, a good mood has a positive impact on your body.

In short, the symptoms of pregnant women’s heart panic, short chest tightness, and other symptoms that are unavoidable during pregnancy.Novice mothers may be scared by the changes in their bodies. They are worried about whether their bodies will have any big problems and whether they will affect their children in their stomachs.But in fact, as long as you eat regularly or work and rest, all problems can be solved, and if necessary, you can also seek the help of a doctor.

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