When will the fetal face be set?The baby is "handsome and handsome", and it is decided in three months before pregnancy

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Every parents want their babies to look beautiful and handsome or handsome. Although it is more important to say that a person’s connotation is more important, the appearance as an outsider’s first impression cannot be ignored.

Once, a real documentary has been produced abroad, which completely records the growth of the fetus in the mother’s uterus.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus from the initial fertilized eggs slowly split and differentiated, gradually growing the brain and body.

What makes many people unexpected is that the original shape of the fetus was a bit scary, the face was crowded together, and the facial features were not clear.In the following 2-3 months, the fetus’s face began to open slowly, with a clear features, and finally a face that could be identified by people.

It can be seen that the child’s facial contour is completed within 3 months before pregnancy, and the child is beautiful and ugly, and this stage is also shaped.

The appearance of the fetus is generally formed between 1-3 months. This stage can be described as very important because this period has a very important role in the formation of the child’s appearance.

Many mothers say that I can’t decide what the child looks like in the stomach. This is a genetic problem ~ But in fact, this sentence is only half the right. The gene determines the child’s appearance, but it is just a big big big.In part, there are many objective factors that affect children’s appearance.

Keep a good mentality

The mentality of pregnancy is very important, not only affects the child’s personality, but also affects the appearance of the child.

This is like planting plants. For two pots of plants, they are breeding separately.The scolding flowers were stunned, and the pot of praise was full of vitality.

In the same way, the mentality of pregnancy is also very important. Pregnant mothers just maintain a good mood and automatically block some negative news.

healthy eating

Some pigments and fatty acids in the diet will have an impact on the normal metabolism of the human body. That is to say, some foods, like fried foods can slow down the body’s metabolism, and those harmful substances that are excreted in the body are left in the body.

These harmful substances are also passed to the fetus through the umbilical cord. Like those children with birthmarks on their faces after birth, there are many because of the dietary problems of mothers during pregnancy.

Appropriate exercise

The sports will promote the balance of various hormones in the body, and it will also increase the content of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Pregnant mothers are not only beneficial to the baby, but also the baby.

In addition, exercise can also regulate the mother’s mentality, and it can also enhance physical fitness.

X -ray: Once a large amount of X -rays are received during pregnancy, it often causes deformed fetal development and even cause miscarriage.

Take medicine: Take medicine during pregnancy will cause adverse effects on the fetal lips.Even vitamin A or vitamin D, once too much is taken, it will affect the child.

Smoking and drinking: Drinking alcohol may cause children’s alcohol poisoning. In addition, the quality of fertilized eggs will decrease, causing the fetus to develop deformity;

The various toxic substances contained in cigarettes seriously affect the normal differentiation of the fetus. Therefore, it is said that the baby’s face value is determined in the first three months of pregnancy. In the future, it will look at the mother’s approach.

The value of the face is very important for everyone, and the superior value is for the baby, it is a gift given by the mother in itself.

In this era of looking at the face, if the baby does not look good, then it is not a problem of appearance, and it may even lose a lot of opportunities.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must control all aspects of their lives, and give birth to a high -value baby as expected.

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