When will the body feel after the pregnancy is successful?With these 4 points, it means you are pregnant

It is a very sacred thing to bred a new life. Since it is sacred, it must be "temper". When you ask me, I will not come when you come. When you forget it, you will surprise you.

I believe that many mothers have experienced such experiences: worked hard to prepare for pregnancy, two days and two tests, but the "two bars" in the expectation did not come; change the environment, relax, but gain unexpected joy.

Friends Lan Lan once told me that she was pregnant. The process was strange and interesting:

Blue is a second child in the breastfeeding period. Because the menstrual menstruation has not been recovered after giving birth, he has not found it. Until one day, her husband covered his nose and said to Blue: What did you eat these days?How to fart every day!Lan Lan himself was wondering that his diet has not changed this month, but he loves to keep fart and can’t control walking.

The husband and wife were more and more wrong, and they took the pregnancy test stick to test it. As a result, Erbao came.

There are a lot of mothers like blue and blue. In fact, in addition to delayed menstruation, there are many signals sent by the baby to the mother. Moms must receive it in time:

1. Nausea, vomiting

This is one of the early pregnancy reactions that most women will experience. Generally, about 6 weeks after pregnancy, the morning is more obvious.Therefore, if you find that you often have symptoms of nausea and vomiting in the morning, you may be pregnant.

2. frequent urination

In the early stages of pregnancy, the uterus increases, and frequent urination will occur in the bladder.However, there are some diseases with frequent symptoms. To determine whether it is really pregnant, you can do B -ultrasound to determine.

3. Dizziness, fatigue, fatigue

Some women have dizziness and weakness and weakness after pregnancy. If you have such symptoms, there are no other diseases that cause dizziness or weakness. After eliminating pathological factors, you must think about it.Wandering.

4. Milk tingling

After the fertilized eggs are bed, the secretion of female and progesterone in women’s body increases. These hormones act on the breasts of pregnant mothers, and the breasts will have a slight tingling sensation.

Therefore, there are still a lot of signals sent to the mother when the baby arrives. If you find one of the above symptoms, you have to think about it.Don’t let your baby have been here for a few months, you don’t know yet!In addition, these symptoms may also be caused by other diseases. If they are serious, check for examination in time.

Finally, mothers, how do you find that you are pregnant?Share it with us ~

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