When will maternity leave?How to pay wages?

"Xiao Zhao, you have been gaining a lot recently, your belly is rolling, should you be pregnant?"

"Ah, I have eaten a lot recently, and I feel that I have a lot fat. I’ m going to get pregnant. I have to go to the hospital to check if I am pregnant. ”

After hearing the ridicule of the leader, Xiao Zhao couldn’t help but nervous. Although he didn’t know if he was pregnant, he still couldn’t worry about whether he was fired by the company because of pregnancy.After graduating from graduation, she entered this company. During the long 8 years of working hours, she witnessed the company’s highlight moment and also experienced the period when the company encountered a bottleneck.His heart, what you think, all the work, so that the family is very small.

After get off work, she rushed to a nearby hospital in a hurry.After waiting uneasily for a few hours, she took the inspection report issued by the hospital and learned that she had been pregnant for 3 months and was caught in thought.

The next day, after repeated tangles of last night last night, she decided to truthfully report the fact that she was pregnant.After the superior knows, warm heart asked Xiao Zhao’s physical condition and let her relax her attitude. Don’t think about it. The company will not wait for the pregnant employees.After listening to Xiao Zhao, a warmth emerged in his heart, ashamed of his own thoughts.

The company does not know how many days before delivery for female employees to apply for rest and maternity leave to be submitted, and what standards are they issued to pay for the salary during maternity leave?Come to consult.

Taking Guangdong Province as an example, the holidays enjoyed by female workers in pregnancy include not only 98 days of basic maternity leave, but also 80 days of reward leave. There are 178 days of maternity leave.The company murmured, where did you start from the holiday?

"Special Regulations for Labor Protection of Female Workers" clearly states that in the 98 days of basic maternity leave, 15 days of vacation can be vacated before childbirth, which generally refers to 15 days before the due date.But this is not a hard requirement. Women of pregnant women can adjust according to their own situation. Generally speaking, the company should allow them to leave maternity leave in advance.Assuming that Xiao Zhao’s physical fitness is poor, it needs to be adjusted for one month before giving birth. The company cannot dogmatically believe that only 15 days in advance for maternity leave, but approved Xu Xiaozhao’s maternity leave in advance.

Xiao Zhaoxian now does not need to rest in maternity leave in advance. The company is unclear about the information that it needs to be submitted by their maternity leave. It is worried that there will be a problem with the responsibility due to the submission of the information.Generally speaking, female employees need to be provided to the company: ① fertility certificate, quasi -birth certificate (the filing information allowed by the local family planning department) or a marriage certificate;Terminate pregnancy and doctors’ rest suggestions, etc.; ③ Others may provide medical examination certificates such as hospitals, diagnostic certificates, hospitalization certificates, etc.

During the female employee’s maternity leave, the company continued to issue wages to it, and what standards of wages were paid in accordance with the problem of a company in the employment of Xiao Zhao.The salary is issued in accordance with the original salary standard, that is, Xiao Zhao enjoys a monthly average salary of 12 months before the leave of maternity leave or family planning surgery.

If Xiao Zhao has enjoyed the treatment of maternity allowances and medical subsidies during the feed holiday, it is deemed that the company has paid the corresponding salary.If the fertility allowance is higher than Xiao Zhao Yuan’s salary standard, the company shall pay the balance of maternity allowances to Xiao Zhao. If the maternity allowance is lower than Xiao Zhaoyuan’s salary standard, the difference will be supplemented by the company.

If the payment period exceeds the fertility allowance, fails to meet the maternity allowance collection standards, or the company does not pay the maternity insurance for employees, employees may ask the company to pay maternity leave wages in accordance with the original salary standards.

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