When there was a baby, there was a ",". The post -90s pregnant mothers flushed their faces, and the nurse’s response was very warm.

When there was a baby, there was a ",". The post -90s pregnant mothers flushed their faces, and the nurse’s response was very warm.

In fact, there are really many problems in the process of having a child. At this time, the mother may feel very hard, and the pain suffers from the body is quite large.It’s just that sometimes it is too nervous, or for other reasons, it will cause some embarrassing situation.

Some time ago, a post -90s mother encountered a very embarrassing thing when she was produced.The pregnant mother has been waiting for production at home after pregnancy, but she did not expect that she had a sudden contraction. The pregnant mother thought that she would suffer less sin when she was born.After taking a deep breath, she felt very hard that she should be able to give birth to the child. As a result, she had a stool in bed.

This kind of thing made her a post -90s mother really feel embarrassed. I did not expect that the result of her hard work was like this, but fortunately, the nurse saw the world. After seeing this, they didn’t say.What is very patient.It is also normal to say that pregnant women will indeed happen in this process, which is normal.For the first time, I encountered such an embarrassing situation. It was very warm to help such warm nurses.In addition to such things, there will be many embarrassing problems in the delivery room.

1. I met a male doctor

This is more common in life. When having children, mothers actually do not wear clothes, but women pay more attention to their privacy. If they really encounter a male doctor, they will feel very embarrassing.It is necessary to build a good psychology in advance. Otherwise, if you can’t face such things, you will feel extremely embarrassing.It’s just for doctors, maybe they have long been used to it.This is their job. As a doctor, the mother who may be embarrassed will make the doctor feel more embarrassing.

2. Can’t urinate normal.

It really needs to be very hard to give birth to a child, but in the process of hard work, there are some feces or some urine will be oppressed in the process of force, but it is not that there is no way. If you have a child, you can not go to the toilet.It can only be solved in bed.

But there is no way in this case, after all, there is a child.If this happens, don’t have too much psychological burden. Every nurse should have seen the big world and know how to solve this problem.

3, need to shave.

This process is really embarrassing, and this process is actually done by outsiders. Women will feel particularly awkward. Some mothers will find it difficult to open up, but there is no way.In order to be able to produce smoothly in the later period, this kind of thing must be done, and don’t care too much, don’t think about anything, think about the children who are about to be born soon, maybe mothers will feel better in their hearts.

4. Also need internal inspection.

This is a very important task before production. Through touching, see if the fetus in the abdomen has changed, and check whether the mother’s body is infected again.But the pregnant mother knows that the internal examination is actually a very embarrassing process, and most of them are made by male doctors, and they cannot overcome psychological barriers.

The process of having a child has indeed encountered a lot of embarrassing things, but it can still be overcome for the problems of your own baby.

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