When the pregnant mother takes a bath, I put the "button" on the stomach. The six -month -old baby almost did not keep it.

With the increase of pregnancy, the due date is gradually approaching. Generally, in the middle and late pregnancy, the mother who is very fighting will basically choose to have a child at home.After all, it is not very simple to have a baby. Various taboos in the graduation believe that Baoma knows very well. From the food, to the use of it, there is a formal in the use.These are all for the baby to be born smoothly.However, some novice Bao Ma almost lost her cute baby inadvertently!It’s really careless.

Recently, when I was chatting with a mother, I talked about the thrilling moment during pregnancy.When this Baoma shared six months, she accidentally pressed a button and almost lost her baby. Fortunately, now the baby is healthy and very cute.After Mengbao asked, she couldn’t help but pinch a cold sweat for her!When Baoma took a bath for more than six months, she found that her navel was dirty and there was something inside.This is not possible. This Baoma is a treasure mother with a cleanliness. I usually have to wipe the tables every day, and I will look back and forth three times.

Therefore, Bao Ma gently picked up with the nails of his tail.People also felt that they were refreshing. When they didn’t expect to go to bed for a while, they suddenly felt a faint pain in my stomach, and they became more and more vigorous. Now Bao Ma panicked and felt that Dad Bao was sent to the hospital for examination.After the hospital was checked, after listening to the doctor’s words, Baoma was afraid of it!It turned out that I pressed the button inadvertently!

The doctor said that the cause of the stomach pain was the infection caused by the navel, and a little fetal medicine was prescribed to Baoma.Fortunately, the infection was not very serious.Because the navel is the nearest junction point of the internal organs and the outside world, infected can cause discomfort in digestive system, and even cause abortion for pregnant women!

Moreover, Bao Ma still uses nails. Don’t look at dry cleaning on your nails, but bacteria are invisible, and your nails are also very sharp. For the navel eyes, casual strokes can easily cause bleeding.Knowing, dirty means a lot of bacteria. After bleeding, the bacteria can follow the wound that Baoma did not feel at all into the abdominal cavity, seriously causing umbilical inflammation, and then severely pus and entering important blood vessels!

Some Baoma wants to say that it is really not that the mother is itchy. It is really cleanliness, but the navel eyes are really dirty, let alone the healthy growth of the baby, shouldn’t it be kept well?The suggestion of Mengbao is to apply warm water for a while, soften it, then use a disposable cotton swab to dip the water slowly and clean it. Do not pull it with your hands!Don’t be too strong!Don’t be addicted, and let your belly expose to the air for a long time, it will be cold!If this is not like this, it is really dangerous for the baby!So, Bao Ma Bao Dad, do you have such a similar hidden hidden or unable to control your hands during pregnancy?Welcome to share!

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