When the file was built, the fetus was normal. Is it necessary to do it?

Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

A netizen asked: After the file was built, I checked it. Everything was normal, but I have never been checked. Now I am in the third trimester. Do you still use it?

The answer is: definitely need to be checked.

The production examination is an important means for judging fetal growth and safety during pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to do it every time the check -up. Although the file has been completed once, it has not been checked again. However, it is recommended to start from now on.Check inspection.

Let ’s talk about what are the inspections during pregnancy and why do you have to do it every time you check.

In fact, in normal words, there are a total of 12-13 times in the pregnancy of general hospitals, which are:

12 weeks of pregnancy-founding files, of course, in some areas to build files in advance, otherwise the beds may be tight and cannot be built. Like hospitals in Beijing, especially hospitals with good obstetrics and gynecology.As soon as you find out pregnancy, you will be built in seven or eight weeks, otherwise it will not be late.

I have a friend that after pregnancy, Anzhen was built in 8 weeks and could not be built.

Generally, a hospital that is not easy to build files, it is best to go to the hospital for a clear before pregnancy. What information is needed for the construction file, prepare in advance, and wait for the pregnancy, take the information to build the file.

In addition, 12 weeks are the first check -ups, including the routine of hematuria, blood type, liver and kidney function, etc., which are a very comprehensive birth checkup. Moms are best done in the 12 -week delivery check.

The birth checkup in the second trimester is once a month, and the delivery time is 16 weeks, 20 weeks, and 24 weeks. The 16 weeks are mainly Tang screening. It is determined whether the fetus is "Tang’s".(Some areas, 20 weeks and 28 weeks.One of their most concerned about the production inspection.

The 24 -week birth test is mainly to check blood glucose during pregnancy. If the expectant mothers with high blood sugar are detected, they should pay attention to the diet afterwards. Otherwise, the blood sugar is not well controlled, and the fetus may be dangerous.

By the third trimester, as the stomach of the expectant mother became larger and larger, the number of output inspections was frequently.32 weeks, 34 weeks, 36 weeks, 37 weeks, 38 weeks, 39 weeks, 40 weeks.

Many people see that some of the pregnancy weeks of pregnancy in the hospital in the hospital are the same, and they will wonder if it is necessary to check it every time?

Jingma’s suggestion is: it is best to check every time!

Moreover, it is not just the third trimester. Every time a pregnancy test is important during pregnancy, it is best to do it every time!

After 34 weeks, you need to do fetal heart monitoring every week, but don’t underestimate this seemingly meaningless examination. For normal expectant mothers, it may be "running a hospital for a while", but for the fetus and amniotic fluidFor the abnormal expectant mothers, it helps to discover the abnormal conditions of the fetus and amniotic fluid early, which is important for regular observation of the growth and development of the fetus.

In addition, a 36 -week one is to measure the pelvis, which is also a necessary check to judge whether expectant mothers can give birth.

Jingma said: From the perspective of these check -up time arrangements, it is checked once after the file is established. There are more than a dozen production inspection items. It is best to do the check -up on time, because each delivery check is performed on a regular basis. For regular monitoring of the growth and health of the fetus, the health status of the fetus, the health statusIt also makes sense.

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