When the female death sentence is pregnant, can she escape the gun?If you have a child or abortion, how can you judge

Before the execution, the female death penalty was found to be pregnant. Will she still execute the gun?Can it be free to avoid a death or wait for the childbirth, and then choose to execute it?

Those prisoners who were minimized due to pregnancy suddenly abortion after slowing the sentence. Is the judgment changed?

The law is nothing more than human affection. Even if the female death sentence is great, the children in the stomach are innocent.For the female death penalty who suddenly became pregnant, 100%would no longer be executed. Even if the prisoner was found to escape the malicious pregnancy of legal sanctions, the court would no longer be sentenced to the death penalty.

This makes people can’t help wondering. If each female prisoner takes measures to escape the death penalty in order to escape the death penalty, can they easily escape the death penalty?

Of course, criminal law cannot think of this.Regarding the response to women’s death prisoners, my country’s criminal law has made wisdom and fair regulations based on each situation.

For each prisoner, the prison will conduct a comprehensive physical examination, including pregnancy tests.

When the death penalty of a female death penalty was checked, or the active report was reported. After the test was real time, the prison would re -determine the prisoner’s sentence, and generally judged from the death penalty to life imprisonment.If the circumstances are particularly serious, they will be sentenced to death, according to the performance of prisoners in prison, and then consider whether to judge whether it is lifeless.

Article 49 of the Criminal Law in my country clearly stipulates that women who are pregnant during trials do not apply to death.

In other words, no matter what kind of crimes did the female prisoner before, at any time before the trial to the execution, once you were found to be pregnant, the death penalty would never be performed.This is actually the country’s respect and protection of the life of newborns. After all, the mother is very evil. The child is innocent. If the mother is shot with the mother, it is too cruel to the newborn.

From the death penalty to death, it is already a qualitative change for female death prisoners.The immediately execution of the death penalty does not have any possibility of minimizing.As soon as the time comes, the prisoner will be transported to the execution location.

However, after the judgment was slow, if he did not commit major crimes within two years, or even perform his merits, it is very likely that he will be sentenced to life imprisonment.During the decades of prisoner, if the prisoner follows discipline and acts actively, it is possible to win the opportunity to minimize.

Therefore, as long as the female death penalty is pregnant, she basically leaves the verdict of the death penalty immediately.Even if the child is successfully delivered, the previous death penalty will be re -considered.Of course, if a female prisoner has committed major crimes after childbirth, and the circumstances are extremely harsh, they will still be sentenced to death again.

When this provision was introduced, many female prisoners had been drilled.They were pregnant intentionally, and after changing the judgment to die, they missed them directly.How should I judge this situation?

In 1983, the courts of our country made unified regulations on the issue of artificial abortion of the death penalty: those who were suspected of miscarriage or abortion during the period of suspicion of pregnant women were still regarded as "women who were pregnant during the trial" together, and they were not suitable for the death penalty.Essence

Whether it is unexpected or deliberately disappearing, it will no longer be charged with the death penalty.This provision is equivalent to incorporating a list of abortion into the list of elimination of death.

Even if the last second before the execution of the death penalty, as long as the female prisoner said, "I am pregnant" or "I have a miscarriage", then the executioner must stop immediately.If you are pregnant or have a miscarriage, you can avoid the death penalty.

In foreign countries, some prisons are negligent in management, and female death prisoners will try their best to make themselves pregnant before execution.They will take out their savings to bribe the prison managers, or use various means to seduce to achieve their goals.Therefore, many female death sentences are about to reaching torture, and they will report to her pregnancy one after another.

This is something that makes the prison chief extremely headache, because these prisoners not only escape from a death, but also enjoy the special treatment of maternal trees in the prison.Meal.

When the child is born, the prison will also move out of some financial plans to feed the children’s eating and drinking Lazar.Until the child is slightly larger, contact the children’s welfare home to transfer it.

But a few years later, the death prisoners of these women had long been sentenced to death, eliminating the death penalty.Many prisoners rely on the baby in the stomach and recovered a life.There are also some female prisoners in European and American countries. After being changed to death, they reported their own abortion the next day.Essence

Later, they strengthened the management of prison and prohibited the prisoners from receiving bribes. Once they found that the prison managers were discovered, they were arranged.However, there are still scattered female prisoners who will still succeed, and continue to switch between pregnancy and abortion to escape legal sanctions.

In our country, there is basically no situation of pregnancy after being imprisoned.Because my country’s prison management system is quite strict, male and female prisoners are fully managed, and each prisoner’s words and deeds are monitored for 24 hours.However, some criminals who have a lighter crime will still quickly get pregnant before entering the prison after being sentenced to crime, and even give birth to 5 children in 10 years.

In 2009, 26 -year -old Wang Mouxia cooperated with her boyfriend to rob a number of female college students. She was sentenced to one and a half years in probation.During the probation period, Wang Mouxia did not know how to repent. He entered the room with friends many times and stole the deposits and jewelry in the residents’ homes for up to 500,000 yuan.

After being arrested, the court canceled the previous two -year probation and was ready to punish it.When the charges were not established, Wang Mouxia suddenly reported that she was pregnant.In desperation, the prison can only implement the supervision of Wang Mouxia, that is, the community police outside the prison specially supervise the community police to serve in prison.

Although Wang Mouxia has no culture, she has started the road of drilling for 10 years after the criminal law’s regulations on the criminal law on pregnancy and lactating women.She secretly pointed at her breastfeeding time, relying on breastfeeding and various strange diseases, she had been dragging outside the prison.

Whenever the execution period of the prison arrived, Wang Mouxia reported to the prison that he was pregnant again. For 10 years, Wang Mouxia gave birth to 5 children to let himself escape the prison to serve prison.

This obviously violates the original intention of the initial establishment of the Criminal Law. Perhaps the criminal law on pregnant women will continue to improve in the future, so that shameless people like Wang Mouxia have no room for drilling.

Anyway, the country’s opening of the crime of pregnant women can still reflect the care of newborns.I hope that these children’s mothers can also wash their minds and be well -being, and don’t become a stain in their lives.


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