When the expectant mother has this feeling, it is actually a baby who is hiccuping.

Chen Jun has been pregnant for more than 8 months. When she went to the birth checkup last time, the doctor told her that your baby is hiccuping.Chen Jun was curious and asked if the fetus would snore?The doctor said with a smile, of course, in the late pregnancy, the baby is often snoring, and sometimes it has been hit several times a day.If one day you feel mild spasm in your stomach, it is still very regular, which is likely to be a fetus.

I believe that many expectant mothers will be curious. In the stomach of the expectant mother, the baby is covered with amniotic fluid, and will the hiccups be held up?In fact, in the middle of the pregnancy and the third trimester, the baby’s lungs began to develop initial development, so the baby will consciously swallow amniotic fluid to exercise themselves.

We know that there will be a muscle membrane between the baby’s chest and abdominal cavity. This thick muscle is called the diaphragm.As a part of the baby’s body organs, the diaphragm muscle is also covered with nerves, as well as blood supply.When there is an inducement to stimulate the baby to hiccups, the body will make corresponding changes, causing the diaphragmis to temporarily shrink, so that the baby will make a snoring action.

When the expectant mother finds that the baby is snoring, don’t panic. This is normal.In fact, the baby’s snoring is to improve his lung breathing ability.Because the baby is not born, the lung development is not perfect, and it needs to continuously swallow amniotic fluid to practice breathing, so that the baby will not breathe correctly after birth.Therefore, when the expectant mother finds the baby’s snoring, don’t be nervous, and touch this phenomenon gently for a while.

The baby’s snoring can not only practice breathing ability, expectant mothers can also use this phenomenon to detect the changes in the fetal position.When the expectant mothers find that the baby is snoring at the lower left or lower right of the abdomen, it means that the baby is the first place at this time, and the expectant mother can rest assured.However, if the expectant mother finds that the position of the beating is obvious, it means that the fetal position is abnormal at this time, and the expectant mother should go to the hospital to check in time.

Some expectant mothers say that the baby’s snoring and fetal movement feels similar. How can I distinguish it?

The fetal baby is constantly moving in the stomach, and its external manifestation is hiccups.When the expectant mothers put their hands in the jumping place, they will feel that this beating is similar to people’s heartbeat. Generally, every two or three seconds, the last time is within 2 to 5 minutes.It can be judged.

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