When pregnant women get up, they are inexplicably dizzy and disgusting, not the pregnancy reaction is the disease.

Ji Mu Journalist Zheng Jingjing

Correspondent Liu Shanshan

Ms. Chen, who is more than 4 months pregnant for more than 4 months, suddenly feels rotating when she lay down, wakes up, and turns over. Sometimes she is disgusting and vomiting. She mistakenly think that it is a normal pregnancy response. Recently, the dizziness worsened to go to the hospital for treatment."Otoltan disease".

Ms. Chen, 30, has been pregnant for more than 4 months. She said that she was a relatively comfortable period in the middle of pregnancy, but Ms. Chen was particularly uncomfortable recently.Every time I lie on the bed and turn over, I suddenly feel that the sky turns, dizzy, feel that the whole house is turning, and I dare not open my eyes, but it will soon relieve it.When she suddenly got up the next day, her dizziness struck again, and she had symptoms of nausea and vomiting.At the beginning, Ms. Chen thought that she had a strong pregnancy response. She also heard that some pregnant mothers had been vomiting until they were born, and did not care too much.But for two weeks, this kind of dizziness symptoms were disconnected. Although it was a while, sometimes the symptoms only lasted for a few seconds, but she felt that the sky was turning and dare not sleep.I got up on Thursday morning, and she felt dizzy, but dared not take medicine casually, so she came to Wuhan Central Hospital’s otolaryngology dizziness outpatient clinic.

After the treatment of He Haixia, the attending physician of the Department of ENT, after careful consultation, I learned that every time she was stunned, it was related to changes in posture. When I lay down, got up, or turned over, they would have an attack.The preliminary consideration is a benign paroxysmal dizziness.Combined with further vestibular function tests, the doctor’s judgment is confirmed, and it is diagnosed with a benign paroxysmal position dizziness, commonly known as "otoltone".Later, Dr. He Haixia conducted a method of resetting the patient in the outpatient clinic, so that the littering earstone returned to the original position.After the treatment, Ms. Chen felt that the symptoms of dizziness were significantly relieved.

How can there be "stones" in the ears?Guo Bei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Eurryng’s Department, introduced that the benign paroxysmal location dizziness is also called "otolith disease". The earstone is a normal calcium carbonate crystallization in the body. Under normal circumstances, it stays in the oval sac in the inner ear.One of the important organs that feel gravity and maintain balance.If the "earstone" is loosened by some reasons, or even falling off into the semi -regulatory inner ear, it will cause stimulation and cause dizziness.Generally speaking, it is easy to induce "otolith disease" such as cold, staying up late, exhaustion, and emotional fluctuations.As a special population, pregnant women, due to the changes in hormone levels in the body, coupled with a posture of resting for a long time during pregnancy, and often poor sleep at night.

Experts remind that there are many reasons for dizziness in pregnant women, such as insufficient nutrition, anemia, hypoglycemia, insufficient sleep, high mental stress, hypertension during pregnancy, etc. Therefore, the cause should be clearly treated.If pregnant women have short -term dizziness related to posture changes, they should be alert to otolith disease and go to the hospital for professional diagnosis and treatment in time.

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