When pregnant women encounter urethritis and do not want to take medicine, Mo Lu is joking

One Friday, when I went to the toilet on Friday, I suddenly found that there were secretions on the underwear and odor. I originally wanted to say that the secretions of pregnant women had a lot of secretions. I did n’t think of the symptoms on the day.In the afternoon, even when going to the toilet, I started to feel a little pain, and my head began to run. It should be judged that urethral inflammation should be inflamed. I have read an article before that pregnant women will be particularly susceptible to infection. I did not expect that the fetus was actually involved.

On Friday night, I temporarily found an obstetrics and gynecology clinic. The doctor wrote lightly, saying that there should be infection. Leave a urine check and take some medicine.

After taking the medicine, I felt that the number of frequency of urine really decreased, and the pain was reduced. Saturday was stable.

Take grapefruit to participate in outdoor activities on Sunday morning. When I went to the toilet, I urinated half of the sudden and huge pain towards me. It was really so painful that I couldn’t urinate. ‘What is going on?Is it useful for the effect?’A little bit of pain was exhausted, and suddenly I felt a thing rushed out of the urethra, and I gently stated in the toilet.Do not support three or two shorts’, and after that thing falls out, the urination is abnormally smooth and the pain disappears.

A very nervous squat -type toilet, fortunately it is not a blood clot, but there is a super shock picture. I actually saw ‘a gray stone’. What is this trick?I have never urinated stones from childhood.Repeatedly confirmed several times whether it was in the beginning, and in the end it seemed that there was nothing else.The rice grains are large, but if it is running out of the urethra, it is indeed enough to toss people.

On Sunday, there are few doctors in the clinic, so I have to start collecting the information of kidney stones on the Internet: good men, usually the symptoms of low back pain first, urination and pain, most of the color of the color is like teeth, although there are no other stones, but they have no other stones, but they have no other stones, but they have no other stones, but they have no other stones, but they have no other stones, but they have no other stones, but they have no other stones, but they have no other stones, but they have no other stones.It was enough to make me nervous for a night.

I rushed to the urology clinic early on Monday morning. I think this is not a problem that can be solved by the obstetrics and gynecology department. The doctor looks very professional. Asked, ‘Do you take it up and touch it?‘I shake my head, and the doctor said‘ it ’s hard to feel the stones. If it’ s not hard, it should be just the crystallization of infection ’.

Me: ‘Is there any additional calcium tablet with my usual pregnancy?‘

Doctor: ‘It should have little to do with calcium supplement; you have to improve the examination.But the urinary infection during pregnancy is a bit like a cold, and it will get a cold.‘

Me: (nodded)

Doctor: ‘During pregnancy, drink plenty of water, take less urine, and pay attention to cleaning, otherwise urethritis will recur like a cold, so as not to extend to other places.

The doctor looked at my belly again and said, ‘prescribe some medicine for you, and then follow the clinic after taking it’.

After three days, I was the doctor of my fixed birth check on Thursday. After I told the doctor about my adventure, the doctor said: Let’s leave a urine check.

After the urine routine results came out, the doctor looked at the report and said: There are still slight inflammation. I know that 99 of the hundred pregnant women do not want to take medicine, but you still take antibiotics obediently.

The doctor knew me and changed three doctors. I really didn’t want to take medicine.

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