When my wife is pregnant and gives birth to a baby, my husband is so accompanying, happy and good


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When the little baby in the belly speculates, the timing has been mature, sending various signals to the mother (seeing red, irregular contractions, fetal exposure to decrease, etc.) at this time.Line, go through a long output process to meet with mothers.The smooth progress of the labor process requires the joint efforts of mothers and babies, but our companions can definitely be a booster who can take birth.How do my husband accompany when your wife is pregnant?

Is the prospective dad’s companionship of the pregnant mother during pregnancy?Look at our surroundings, can you feel that the prospective father who often participates in the pregnancy can make the pregnant mother emit more love?Can the prospective dad incorporate a personal role after childbirth?

The good companion of the prospective father during pregnancy allows the fetus to grow in love and care, which will not only help the baby’s future growth, but also help the harmony of family life."Companion" is the most affectionate confession of prospective dads to pregnant mothers. How to effectively accompany him to help childbirth, be a god assisted, not to be a pig teammate, and recommend the below skills of the prospective dad.

Let’s talk about how to accompany my husband during pregnancy

1. Accompany exercise

Many pregnant mothers think of diet more attention during pregnancy. "I really don’t eat too much". I asked at the bottom and finally learned that there are many pregnant mothers who say "There is nothing to do."Watching TV", the root cause was found. Long -term lying or "Ge You Lie" changed the gravity structure of the baby, which is not conducive to entering the pelvis in the correct posture. Therefore, the combination of a reasonable diet and exercise during pregnancy can effectively control the excessive growth of weight.Therefore, the companion should try to drive the pregnant mother during pregnancy. As long as there is no contraindication, the pregnancy exercise can really earn a lot.

Good exercise during pregnancy can effectively reduce the incidence of pregnancy diabetes, hypertension during pregnancy, and huge children, fully communicate with doctors, choose safe exercise, and reasonably arrange exercise time and strength.The body, maybe the prospective dad who is a companion can also practice eight muscles.

2. Accompany breathing

The use of freedom positions combined with breathing methods is currently applied to the production process.In fact, during pregnancy, especially the third trimester of pregnancy, the dad will be an excellent breathing instructor for pregnant mothers, so as not to wait until the pregnant mother forgets the rhythm of breathing due to pain and nervousness.

Abdominal breathing, light breathing, wave breathing … Various breathing methods, as long as it is suitable for pregnant mothers, is effective. Think about you sitting on the sofa watching TV and shouting passwords to guide the pregnant mother to breathe. Do you feel you instantly?Is it Number 1 in the family?

3. Chatting

Need to talk to the baby in his wife’s belly.Talking about his wife, music sharing, emotional stories … As long as it is positive language and emotional expression, the baby also touches the little feet to interact with a father with magnetic voice.EssenceAfter a busy day of work, calming to chat with the baby in his wife’s belly, it is also a purification and emotional sublimation of his heart.

Another important object of the accompanying chat is the pregnant mother. For the various vomiting of pregnant mothers, she smashed her, listened to her words, and follow her heart. For the various joy of pregnant mothers, they resonated with her. As long as she was happy, she was happy.The baby is happy, and the whole family is happy.Due to the changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, the mood of pregnant mothers is easy to fluctuate. It is recommended that pregnant dads "always listen, occasionally correct, and often praise."

Let’s talk about how my husband is accompanied when having a baby

1. Use nursery rhymes

After entering the delivery process, many prospective dads are far from the calmness of pregnant mothers. "I won’t, I won’t", "I am too nervous, I am a little overwhelmed" … now, now discard these negative negatives now.Self hints that at this time, you may regret the five -body land -"do not do any knowledge during pregnancy."Here you can only teach to the "rookie" prospective dad. I personally recommend the "Two Magic" —- The simplest nursery rhymes: "Kiss me if you love me, hug me if you love me, love me, youJust praise me. "

These simplest languages and actions in nursery rhymes, bold and high -frequency use, can effectively promote the secretion of pregnant mothers’ oxytocin (CEO CEO) and endorphins (analgesic hormones, love cocktails).Simply put, the expression of all love for prospective dad can stimulate the secretion of hormones that are conducive to the progress of the production process and the secretion of hormones that reduce the pain. It is believed that the power of hormone secretion can greatly affect the speed of pregnant mothers to give birth.

2. Move with your wife

During the delivery process, when the doctor did not inform any taboos, accompany his wife to move, you can walk, it can be a gang dance, and you can use various guidance tools provided in the hospital, such as guiding music, etc.Essence

The maternal free position movement is more in line with the natural anatomical structure suitable for childbirth. It not only promotes the baby’s decline, but also reduces the pain of pregnant mothers to varying degrees.

2. Massage and guide breathing

Under the guidance of giving birth, the lumbosacral massage, knee massage, double upper limb massage, etc. under the guidance of giving birth to the pain in the pain during the contraction.Communicate with the baby in the baby’s belly.Although the entire childbirth process is unpleasant, letting his wife experience in love; despite the long, let the wife wait in faith.

After systematic learning and high professional technology, combined with the breathing method of learning during pregnancy, and give appropriate acupoint massage, find the right rhythm and frequency, so that all the sense of ritual can be greatly reduced, which can greatly reduce the pain of the mother, effectively promote the effect of the mother, effectively promote the effectivenessFor progress.

Third, try to achieve "eight questions"

The companion can continue to think and ask himself, my wife, "Did you eat?", "Did you sleep?", "Did you drink it?", "Did you pull (urine)?"?", "Did you move? (Did I help her to move freely?)?", "Is the mother’s current body and the surrounding environment clean)?", "Did you talk about it?(Did I chat with her? Do you know what he currently feels?)? "," Are you satisfied (is she still satisfied with the current individual, medical care and my state)? "

Pregnant baby may be difficult for each pregnant mother, but the companion’s company allows the entire family to harvest happiness and hope together. Good companionship is the sublimation of the relationship between husband and wife.Let your baby born in love.

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