When my wife is confinement after giving birth, my husband lists the precautions required by the elders: the first one is outrageous

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In the eyes of the elders, there are a lot of attention to confinement.

Can’t blow air conditioning, can not take a bath, can not eat fruits, brush your teeth … and so on.

You can understand the original intention of the elders, but some unscientific confinement old customs can really not follow.

Recently, a man on Xiaoshan shared the precautions for the daughter -in -law on the social platform after giving birth to confinement, and the elders in the family.

First: Do not eat fruits.

Second: Can’t eat things that are plugged, let alone dental floss.

Third: Do not eat shrimp but you can eat trotters.

Fourth: The full moon cannot be moved.

The posts are not all listed in the post. It is always that this cannot be eaten, and that cannot be done.

Although there is a moon in the family, the couple also pay attention to the science confinement, but the elders at home always say in a word: When you will regret it later, you will regret it.

This is really familiar. Whenever you do n’t follow the old custom, you always hear such advice.

After watching men’s sharing, many netizens said: There may be more differences in the back, the landlord can stand up!

"The problem is still behind."

"The older generation is exactly the same."

"It’s the same. They believe everything else says, and we don’t believe what we say, and don’t listen. You still have to have principles.

"I don’t let my teeth be brushed in the confinement, and I can’t bear it." I really can’t bear it. "

What the pregnant mother wants to say is that the confinement period is particular, but it is really not that it cannot be done, so it cannot be done.

"Sitting confinement, don’t let more talk, and don’t let stand and drink water

Otherwise, you will have toothache and leakage when you are old?"

The unscientific confinement old custom, there are really too many.

The pregnant mother had collected the old confinement topic with the mother before, and the top three were: you can’t take a bath and wash your hair, you can’t brush your teeth, you can’t blow the air conditioner!

The confinement period is less than 30 days. It is 42 days to be filled.

Many mothers share their confinement experience. Some confinement old customs are really helpless:

"I did n’t take a bath for 29 days and did n’t wash my hair. I still ca n’t let my teeth.”

"Don’t let more talk in confinement.

"I don’t let my teeth be brushed in confinement. I think my teeth are broken during the confinement period."

"Don’t let go to the ground, don’t let the bath, my mother doesn’t let the fruit yet."

"You can’t stand and drink water in confinement, otherwise you will leak urine when you are old."

"I was forced to not wash my hair and take a bath. I can’t do anything with the elders around you.

For postpartum mothers, confinement is difficult, the body hurts all kinds, the postpartum is still sweaty, the mood is anxious, the action is not free …

I have to be bound by all kinds of confinement, and I do n’t listen to it, "I know when you are old!" This confinement is really not friendly to the new mothers.

4 Old confinement, all of them are pit

The old saying is often said:

You can’t wash your hair and take a bath when confinement.

You can’t brush your teeth in confinement.

You can’t eat fruits and vegetables in confinement.

Don’t drop these old -fashioned pits anymore. These things can be done during the confinement, just pay attention a little.

First: I can wash my hair and take a bath by confinement

In the summer, you can’t bear to take a confinement in the summer.

In the past, it was because the technology was underdeveloped, the warmth effect was not good, and there was no hair dryer such a good thing. It was understandable.

But … now the conditions, wash your head in the confinement, and immediately dry and dry it.

And if you do n’t wash your hair for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria. The baby is in close contact with his mother every day, kiss his little face, and touch his face. If you do n’t clean it in time, it will cause bacterial infection.

Washing your hair regularly, your mother’s body is good at recovery.

As long as the mother can keep warm after giving birth, you can wash your hair and take a bath:

Mother who gave birth: It can almost take a bath in about 4 days. According to the degree of wound healing, it can be extended. You can wipe and wash your hair when you can’t take a bath.

Mother with a cesarean section: After the wound is long (usually takes 2 weeks), you can take a bath and wash your hair. Do not let the water pollute the wound to avoid potting bath to prevent vaginal infections.

Pay attention to the following points when bathing your hair:

● The water temperature should be appropriate and keep at about 37 degrees.

● Do not use too irritating shampoos. You can wash your hair with ginger and get rid of dampness.

● Massage the scalp with your fingertips when washing your hair. Do not scratch it hard. After washing, it is best to dry it with a dry towel. If you are worried about cold, use a hair dryer to dry.

● It is not recommended to wash your hair in a barber shop. In summer, it is often strong in air -conditioning, and the mother is prone to cold.

● It is best to use wood comb in combing hair to avoid static stimulus scalp.

Under the condition of just good temperature, take a bath and take a bath and dry it in time. It is really no problem.

Second: I can brush my teeth in confinement

Eat and eat in confinement, do not brush your teeth, be careful of gingivitis.

There is a mother, who listened to the old man, and did not brush his teeth for three months after giving birth. As a result, the gums were swollen like a pigeon egg.

During the confinement, I can eat less meals and eat more times. If you don’t pay attention to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth, it is easy to make bacteria in the oral cavity breeding and oral diseases.

Important: For the health of teeth, mothers should brush their teeth regularly.

You should brush your teeth once or twice a day, and you can use a soft toothbrush to brush softly.

After each time you eat something, you should rinse your mouth with warm water.

Third: You can drink water in confinement

Some places also adhere to traditional methods. Fruit women cannot drink water and have to drink rice wine.

In ancient times, rice wine was used as a drink for confinement mothers.

Because there was no tap water at that time, and the water source was difficult to ensure cleanliness, it was the safest way to cook rice wine with rice wine with sterilization effect.

But now there are tap water, mineral water, pure water, etc., really do not need rice wine to replace boiling water.

Key points: Maternal deficiency, sweating a lot, be sure to replenish water.

For breastfeeding mothers, there is more water loss, so it is necessary to add a lot of supplements. It is recommended to drink 8-12 cups of water a day.

Fourth: You can eat fruits and vegetables in confinement

You need to eat more meat and soup in confinement, so as to replenish your body.

Don’t drop this pit!

After the first production, the intestine could not accept too greasy and nourishing foods, but over -replenishment was burden.

Do not eat vegetables and fruits can also reduce the intake of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which affects the content of milk secretion and the content of vitamins and minerals in milk.

And increase the incidence of constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Important: Pay attention to the intake of vegetables and fruits during the confinement period, so as to achieve food balance, diverse, and sufficient.

At the same time, it is not available to ensure the mother’s health and milk quality.

Confinement meals include five major types of foods: milk and substitutes, meat, fish, eggs and substitutes, vegetables, fruits and grains.

The original intention of confinement is to allow the postpartum mothers to restore their bodies well, so everything is based on their feelings, so that they can make them comfortable.

7 useful traditional confinement customs must follow

Those unscientific confinement old customs can communicate well with the elders, and those useful confinement experience can also be referred to.

Just like my mother often said to me: I see less mobile phones and play less mobile phones, I know I regret it when I grow old.

What I want to say is that I don’t have to wait for the old, I feel that it is blurred now.

Come to pregnant mothers to focus on those useful confinement customs. Knowing this can allow postpartum mothers to take a good confinement and help the body recover.

First: Don’t overwork

Many mothers have back pain after giving birth.

When you are pregnant for a long time, your muscles are overloaded. Long -term delivery force will also make back pain more obvious.

Too much bending down, sitting feeding, heavy objects, etc. will increase pain, and require longer recovery time, so you should reduce these actions after giving birth and do less work.

Suggestion: Washing clothes and housework to hug children. During the confinement, you can give it to your family. Moms in confinement only need to keep yourself simple walk and rest. After all, milk children are already tired enough to be tired enoughEssence

Second: play less mobile phone

Look at the mobile phone less, play less mobile phone, your eyes will be blind!

Although it was exaggerated, many mothers said that playing too much in confinement would really hurt their eyes and blurred things.

Suggestion: You can play your mobile phone appropriately, but when you look at the rest time, you will hurt your eyes. The primary task of confinement is to rest and your eyes.

Third: Put on bags and slippers to keep warm

Many mothers say that they must wear socks and bags and slippers during the confinement period. Otherwise, the heels are really easy to crack. Although not everyone will crack the heels, it is important to keep the feet warm.

Not just the feet, the body’s warmth must be done well. The head and joints are required. Although it is hot, most mothers are accompanied by fan air conditioners.Essence

Suggestion: Prepare the wrapped slippers or put on a layer of socks and wear long -sleeved thin pajamas in the air -conditioned room.

Of course, the thickness must be determined according to the weather where the place is located. This kind of sweltering weather is kept in a non -hot state. Remember, do not blow the air conditioner to people, mothers and babies are both.

Fourth: Hold less children

Xiong Dailin caused tenditis (mother’s hand) because of holding more children during confinement.

Many times, "Mom Hand" is caused by the novice mother holding the baby for too long, long -term urine, and no full rest.

Many mothers said that holding more children in confinement will really cause back pain and shoulders.

Suggestion: Hold less children in the confinement period, and to hold it again, give the body a time to recover. In addition to soothing the baby and feeding, let your family work on the same time.If you want to come up, you will stop when you feel sore.

Fifth: Try not to cry in confinement

Moms in confinement are very sensitive and easy to cry.

But the confinement period must be crying less. A mother said that I cried a few times in the confinement because I had no milk. Now that the baby is one year old, I feel blurred when I look at things., But it does exist.

Suggestion: There are bad emotions to communicate with their family in time. A powerful husband and cute baby can cure all the bad emotions of the mother.

Don’t cry because you have no milk. You are already the best mother after persisting. We chase milk without milk. If you ca n’t catch up with formula milk, you can do it.

Sixth: Eat some good in confinement

The elders in the confinement will let you eat some good, but you must avoid the big fish and meat at the beginning, especially the mother who has a cesarean section., Booth mothers should remember that don’t be greedy for confinement.

Suggestions: The first week of delivery is mainly detoxification, and the diet should be light.Moms of caesarean section should be diet according to the requirements of the doctor; the second week is the stage of contraction of the internal organs, the third week is the stage of nourishing the tonic, and some centered recipes can be used.; Eat more fruits, vegetables, grains, and eat the right amount of meat, eggs and milk, pay attention to food hygiene.The fifth and sixth weeks are the adjustment period to maintain a healthy diet.

Seventh: During the confinement, the same room is forbidden

During the confinement, the same room is forbidden, because having a child consumes a lot of physical strength, your uterus and physical functions will take one time to recover.

If you start crackling prematurely, it is easy to cause various infections. Be sure to wait until the end of the lochia. About the 4th to 6th week after giving birth, after the lochia is clean, if the cutting of the knife or the side cut/tear melting port has healed, it has healed, and it has healed.You can recover with your husband, but pay attention to contraception.

Suggestion: The lochia is over, although it can be popped, but be careful to avoid injuries.

The last thing to say is: The 42 days of confinement are a "retreat cultivation" for mothers. By the words of the elders, these 42 days are the time to reshape their constitution, so you must rest well.Eat and sleep well, so that your body can return to the best state.

I hope mothers can return to pregnancy!

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