When my mother was pregnant, the village secretary wanted to kill me. When he was seriously ill, his father asked me to give him a hoe!

The Dragon Boat Festival is just a rural hometown. After my father returned from the market, he said that he would take me to the hospital to see a patient in the afternoon. At that time, I had to listen to him and not to resist!

I heard a little bit, and asked which relative it was, but when I saw the old father’s serious expression, I didn’t dare to disobey him. Thinking about the three -day leave of the Dragon Boat Festival, it didn’t matter if I came back to accompany him!

Thinking of the patient, I bought a piece of milk and called some fruits. I came to the ward. I saw the old secretary in the village. Secretary Huang’s wife was sitting on the accompanying bed.But there has never been a relationship!

Secretary Huang’s wife took the gift in the cabinet. Seeing that Secretary Huang was asleep, his father signaled that his wife went outside the corridor to speak!

It is learned from the mouth of Secretary Huang that Huang Shu remembers lung cancer. It has reached the advanced stage. The doctor said that it can support the Mid -Autumn Festival at most!

After my father heard that, his eyes were a little moist, and then he turned to ask me. After the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, did the Mid -Autumn Festival return to the Mid -Autumn Festival?

I said this is not necessarily. If it is not special circumstances, then you will not come back. This time the Dragon Boat Festival is requested to come back for three days of leave because you haven’t returned after the Spring Festival.

After listening to the father, he thought about it for more than ten seconds, and then said seriously in the jar of the species, since this is the case, you go in to the three heads for Huang Shu, but you saved it that year!

I was a little surprised. Before I came back, I heard Secretary Huang’s wife said, Lao Xiao, do you remember the incident of that year?At that time, your family had a special situation, and only the letter to your wife was also the child who should come in this world. Don’t be difficult to get a baby!

Damn, what do they say, is it that I am not born to my parents now. There are secrets hidden in it?

I stared at my father with an unpredictable look, but saw him with a look of anger, thinking that he was usually honest, and there was nothing bad.He let me have his head!

In my heartless thoughts, I talked three heads in the bed in the bed, praying that he could recover soon!

Come to the corridor again, and in the old age of my father and Huang Shu’s wife, I understand the ins and outs of the matter!

When I gave birth to me, it was the strictest plan for family planning, but I already had a brother and sister above. I became a third child. The second child would not be born. The third child will definitely be killed!

But my parents didn’t think so. His father was a only child. When he was 6 years old, his grandfather was arrested as Zhuang Ding. Since then, he has never returned, and his grandma has never remarried!My father often says that he has no brothers and sisters. He is too lonely.

Yes, in the era of my father, there were several children at home. In our village, two households had 10 children!

After the parents got married, the mother gave birth to three children for her father, but they were all born when they were born!With the help of relatives, parents raised a girl, which we call it "pressing long"!

After three years of her sister’s back, her mother was pregnant again. The elder brother born this time lived. After careful feeding by the family, his brother looks healthy and cute!

Thinking of the children’s duality, this is fine now!Six years after my brother was born, my mother was pregnant with me again at the age!

Once you see those who are hiding in the second child, the village cadres go to the hospital at home to abortion at home. There are several such things in the village!

From my mother’s pregnant, my father went to Secretary Huang’s house for pleasure, saying that considering the special circumstances of the family, and my sister was not born to my mother, I was at most a second child. Don’t take my mother to the hospital!

Secretary Huang knew the situation of my family, so I told my father that let your daughter -in -law not be too public. At that time, I will find a way for you. If anyone reports your daughter -in -law, if I don’t check, the masses will go to the town to the townI reported to me. At that time, this secretary would not be able to do it, but I also had to review in front of the people in the township, saying that I was private!

Listening to the words of Secretary Huang, his father went back with anxiety!Fortunately, the mother is relatively small and the clothes are large. I ca n’t see it with me. At that time, the land had implemented a contract system. It was no longer a big pot of rice and a large collective work!

My mother was pregnant for eight months in the fear of fear, and came back from the slope one night. After finishing the family, she was going to bed to rest, and he heard the knock on the door!

When I opened the door, she was the daughter -in -law of Secretary Huang, and she was too late to enter the house. She said, Lao Xiao, hurry up and take your daughter -in -law to the relatives outside to hide.Said that your daughter -in -law was pregnant with three babies, Lao Huang told the reporter that Ming’er took someone to your house to take your daughter -in -law to the hospital for abortion surgery!Tomorrow Village Women’s Director, several cadres in the township will come to your house. If your daughter -in -law is still at home, the child will not be able to keep it. Lao Huang asked me to let you let you let you go. After that, leave!

When my parents heard it, they immediately made a decision. The father simply cleaned up his mother’s clothes. He brought his mother to the uncle’s family in another town that night and returned after explaining good things!

The next day, when Murakami and people in the villagers came to catch their mother, they saw that her mother was no longer at home. After criticizing her father’s education, she left!

The father’s uncle is another town, and the cadres in Murakami cannot check it, and they don’t know where my mother hides!

Just like, the mother hid in the grandfather’s house for a month. It was not until she gave birth to me in the hospital that my father took me home. At this time, the cadres in the village could only be punished with fines!

In this matter, parents have always remembered that they have never bought any gifts to Secretary Huang’s house, and they just say hello to meet, that is, they are afraid of causing others’ suspicion, and the impact on Secretary Huang is not good!

Until the secretary retired, occasionally after meeting with his father, his father would take the initiative to hand in cigarettes, but Secretary Huang repeatedly told his father not to tell the matter. Otherwise, those who wanted to have a second child hated him.The special circumstances of my family will let my father a horse!Unexpectedly, on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, his father rushed to hear that Secretary Huang’s neighbors said he was hospitalized, and his wife took care of him in the hospital!

After his father inquired about his hospital and department, he decided to take me to thank him!

Listening to a complete thing, I think I should have three heads for Secretary Huang. Seriously, if he hadn’t asked his wife to give my parents a letter, I would definitely be beaten into another world like a second child.Look at the beauty in this world!

When I was leaving, I gave the wife of Secretary Huang’s wife of 500 yuan. When he could eat something, he bought something he liked, and I also specifically told him that if Secretary Huang left, remember to inform me, and I would be busy with the job.Come back to send him a long time, I don’t worry about others knowing this!

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