When my daughter -in -law was pregnant, I went to take care of the city. I accidentally heard her vomiting to my son. I decided to go back to my hometown!

My daughter -in -law was slightly uncomfortable after pregnancy, so I went to the city to take care of her for a few days.One day, I went to the kitchen to end the water, and accidentally heard my daughter -in -law spitting my son these days.My daughter -in -law said, I turned around all day long, and I was so busy that she felt irritable.She felt that I was too concerned about her diet, and it was like a personal nanny. This care made her feel stressful.

After listening, I felt cold, and my original kindness made my daughter -in -law feel irritable.I don’t know how to be good, I hid in the kitchen and thought about how to explain to my daughter -in -law.At this moment, my son calmly persuaded my daughter -in -law to understand my heart.He said that his grandfather’s most loved in his life was us. Now he finally has his own baby. He will naturally pour all his care. This love is second only to his love for his son.I listened outside, and my heart was hot, and my son’s words made me suddenly.

I know that my care sometimes makes young people feel limited and stressed.But as my grandfather, when I watched the two children ushered in the first baby, I naturally wanted to take care of them.I did not deliberately make my daughter -in -law feel uncomfortable, but my love from my heart made me forget the degree.I decided to apologize to my daughter -in -law, and then returned to her hometown for a few days to let her rest properly.

After apologizing to my daughter -in -law, I returned to my hometown.On the way back, I constantly reflect on how I should express the proper care, so that the children do not seem to be too suffocating.I want to learn to understand the ideas of young people, and sometimes I should give them appropriate space without having to intervene at all times.For so many years, I have always thought that as long as I do my best, my son will understand. Now this makes me understand that the feeling between people is almost the same.I want to learn to think in other places, observe the difficulties of others, and give those who I love appropriate understanding and trust. This may be what I should do.

Daughter -in -law, sorry, my care sometimes makes you feel irritable.I will pay attention to the difficulties and understand your difficulties.However, what I care about most in my life is my son and you.You give us the most precious gift -a baby inherited our blood.I will learn slowly, how to express my concern at appropriate, making you feel comfortable instead of boring.This love will continue to be old.

Back to my hometown, I always can’t help but miss my son and daughter -in -law.I know that in the days when I leave, they should live more comfortably.The daughter -in -law does not have to be burnt by my care, with the appropriate personal space, which will make her emotions more stable.And his son, he finally had the opportunity to accompany his daughter -in -law. You don’t have to look at my old man. This alone time should be very valuable for them.

On this day, my son suddenly asked the phone to ask me the situation.I know that my son was because of his thoughts and worries about me. I think he must be in the days when he got along with his daughter -in -law.The son said gently, "Grandpa, we miss you very much." As soon as these six words came out, my eyes were red.It turned out that in this world, I still have two people who care about me most, this cherishment has moved me.

I told my son that I was all good, let him rest assured.I will enjoy my old age here, and come to visit me when they have time.My son was silent when he heard me say that.After a while, he said slowly, hoping that I could go to the city to live with them.I know that in the past, I always wanted to see my children and grandchildren in my later years. I did not expect that my son sincerely invited me to live with them.

Son, daughter -in -law, my children, you will always be the most important person in my life.I will go to the city to reunite with you, and we will welcome the most important moment of life -a new life of life.What you give me is not only a precious gift, but also the most precious memory of my life.My life is to meet you in this world and know each other.This bond of each other moved my heart, so that I really found my own happiness and significance in the final stage of my life.

Son, daughter -in -law, thank you for bringing me back to the most important harbor in my life.There, there are your company, and the most anticipated new life.I will always cherish this forever.

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