When is the same room more easily leading to pregnancy?

Many women know less about this related knowledge. In fact, this should be a problem that every woman must pay attention to. This is a kind of understanding of their own body and a responsibility to themselves.

Why do you say that?In fact, I can actually contact many different patients, but when you ask her, "Do you know your ovulation period?" "Do you know how to monitor the ovulation?"It’s not clear.

Before, a little girl who had just got married for more than half a year came over and asked me, "How can I go to my child faster? The family is urged, and I want me to give birth to one." I asked her: "Do you have a pregnancy plan?Have you ever calculated your own ovulation period or know your ovulation days "" Asked ", and no one told her about this problem. He thought that menstruation could be pregnant normally. In fact, it was not.The ovulation is affected by many reasons. Not only is it good but also good, but also the quality of eggs must be cleared in order to be eugenic!

Look at the content below, be sure to remember!

The female ovulation period is about 14 to 16 days before menstruation, and the first 5 days before the ovulation day and 4 days after the ovulation day are called a total of ten days as the ovulation period.In the past few days of ovulation, women will experience some characteristics such as: decreased appetite, increased sexual desire, breast pain, endocrine increase, rising body temperature, slightly bleeding of ovulation, and slight lower abdomen pain.The characteristics of different women are different.

After ovulation, the eggs will stay in the fallopian tube for about two days. The opportunity to wait for insemination. If the sperm of men in the same room will be reserved in the female reproductive tract for 1 to 2 days in these days, insemination will be reserved in the female reproductive tract. This stage is the most prone to conceal.Therefore, pregnancy during ovulation is much higher than usual.

Therefore, male comrades must know the ovulation period of his wife or girlfriend.Girls can’t remember their ovulation and menstrual period.When you have different changes in your body, you may be your ovulation period. Now many people also call it a "dangerous period"!

Don’t know if you are pregnant. In fact, this situation is also common. Do n’t think that there is contraceptive pills or condoms.If there is a sexual life in the same room, women’s menstruation has always been found that the menstruation is delayed to check as soon as possible to see if it is pregnant!

Early discovery, early examination of pregnancy is not a simple matter. Many irreparable results occurred in the later stages of pregnancy due to failure to check in a timely manner.Do you remember these?

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