When is the quantal?Is it better to repel deworming?Is it okay to pregnant sheep?

Teacher Qingfeng after many farmers: Can the female goat be given a lamb for 1 month, can it be deworming the ewa?If it can, does it affect the lamb?If not, when can we repel the ewa?

Teacher Qingfeng believes that deworming is one of the contents of sheep raising management.For this issue, we cannot "absolutely".We must adhere to the principles of specific analysis.According to the description of this issue, I think there are 4 cases:

1. If there is no parasitic disease or a local parasitic disease in the local area, it is recommended that this ewa does not need to repel deworming now, it is best to wait for the end of the breastfeeding period.

2. If goat’s milk is used for human consumption, then it is strictly forbidden to repel deworming during breastfeeding.

3. If the local parasitic disease is local epidemic or a higher level, at the same time, the ewe did not repel deworming a few days before childbirth, then this ewa needs to be deworming now.Not only that, the lamb is also deworming.

4. If the local parasitic disease is local epidemic or a higher level, at the same time, the ewe has been repeatedly repelled in a few days before childbirth. At this time, it is necessary to immediately repellerate the ewes and lambs.

While removing insects to sheep, you must be isolated.

So why do stuff need to be deworming a few days before childbirth?This is mainly to prevent the "postpartum increase" phenomenon of worm eggs in the excreta of the stuff after the lamb was born, so as not to pose a threat to the lambs.

Principles of deworming: 1. Boy during pregnancy should not be deworming in principle, especially for ewes that are more than 2 months pregnant.2. Breastfeeding ewes are best not deworming under normal circumstances.3. Under normal circumstances, the deworming time of sheep is deworming once a year and autumn.If necessary, take another medicinal bath in the summer.4. Before removing insects for sheep, read the instructions for the use of different insect repellent drugs carefully.

The best time for sheep deworming

In the process of breeding of sheep, farmers will more or less encounter the problem of parasites. In order to improve the benefit of breeding, a certain amount of insect repellent measures must be taken. When only deworming the sheep is dewloted, the best insect repellent time must be mastered.

1. Wing again

1. When removing insect repellent to the ewe, you need to repel deworming 1 before the breeding, and then 1 insect repellent after 7D.

2. Do not (preferably not) to repel deworming the pregnancy, and deworming needs to be carried out at about 20D after childbirth.

Second, grow ram deworming

Planting ram generally needs to be deworming 2 times within a year, which are in the second seasons of spring and autumn. After each deworming 10D, you can make another replenishment to strengthen the effect of insect repellent.If you have any questions, please consult Teacher Qingfeng at any time.

Third, the lamb’s deworming

When removing insects on lambs, the first deworming is generally selected at 50 days, and the second deworm is at 90 days, and deworming is carried out once every 3 months.

Fourth, breeding group sheep deworming

1. Because March-April is a period when parasites are more active, the breeding of sheep generally carry out insect repellent from March to April, and then 1 insect repellent after L0D.

2. The second deworming can be carried out in September-October in autumn, and it can be repeated after 10D.

3. In areas of parasitic pests in severe areas, insect repellent can be added once in June to July.

how?What about driving insects for pregnancy?

1. Recommended drugs

The low -toxic deworming drugs of the name of Evis, Avinin, Alega, Afutin, and Condor Star on the market are characterized by wide insecticidal spectrum.Worms and other nodular animals have a strong way of repeating the killing effect (insect egg invalid), which is used to remove insects for pregnant sheep.

Second, use

Usually, in the spring and autumn seasons, weeping tapeweds are repeatedly dewheed, and pre-delivery deworming is carried out during childbirth to avoid the "postpartum increase" after childbirth in 4-8 weeks.In areas of parasitic pollution, there must be deworming 3-4 weeks after delivery

3. Use dosage form and dosage

Avinacin needle, powder, tablets and other dosage forms.Injection, subcutaneous injection (do not muscle injection, intravenous injection) per 5 kg of weight 0.7 mg; powder, irrigation or mixing, 1 mg of weight per 5 kg; tablets, 1 mg of weight per 5 kilograms of weight.

Fourth, precautions

⑴ In clinical applications, the medication of pregnant sheep should be strictly controlled.Other non-pregnant sheep should also be deworming at the same time, and the dosage can increase by 1/2-1/3 on the basis of the dosage of the pregnant sheep.

, For the sake of caution, after the medication, it can be slaughtered on the 14th, and sheep milk can not be used by the sheep milk within 21 days.

(3) If there are in vitro parasites in the flock, the medicine can be used once on 7-10 days to consolidate the efficacy.

效 In order to ensure the effect of deworming, prevent the repeated infection of parasitic eggs in the environment, and give full play to the maximum economic benefits of insect repellent, we must pay attention to environmental hygiene and properly handle the flock excrement.

(5) Qingfeng reminds the majority of farmers when removing insects to flocks (especially internal use of insect repellent drugs), it is best to be carried out in the morning of the sheep flock, and after the sheep flock is used, the sheep should be allowed to let the sheep flocks allow the sheep flocksFasting on an empty stomach for 3 to 4 hours, it is conducive to deworming drugs to fully play a role in sheep’s body.After the sheep uses drugs to drive insect deworming, it is best to repeat the deworming repeatedly in about 1 week to improve its deworming effect.

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