When is the best time to do abortion surgery after pregnancy?

I accidentally get pregnant. If the baby is given off, this is not within the scope of their plan, so many people choose to perform abortion surgery, but the flow of abortion is not so simple.So when will abortion surgery be done?How long can I have abortion surgery during pregnancy?What should I pay attention to when doing abortion surgery?Below Baby House experts will answer them one by one.

Best time

You need to know that the flow of people is not as early as possible. If you do n’t choose the most appropriate time, you may have some bad effects, so you must choose carefully.

How to calculate the flow of people?The best time for people to flow is to calculate: In fact, we must know how long you can get a abortion. You must first understand how to calculate the pregnancy time. The pregnancy time is calculated based on the days when the last menstruation starts.For example, July 20th is the day of the last menstruation. Today is August 31, so the time of pregnancy is 42 days.

Generally speaking, the best time for painless people is about 45 days after pregnancy.When pregnancy has been determined, if you choose a abortion, you must do gynecological examination before the abortion. Gynecological examination can not only see the size of the pregnancy sac, you can surgery when judging.The possibility of ectopic pregnancy is of great significance for abortion surgery.Generally speaking, the pre -tie check is convenient and fast.

How long can I be pregnant?

How long can I be pregnant?In fact, the gestational sac can do painless abortion than 5 mm, but due to different individual differences, the individual flow time should be determined according to the size of the gestational sac.

Do painless abortion during 35-50 days of pregnancy. The surgery will be relatively safe, simpler, and the shorter the time for female physical recovery after surgery.Because the carcass has not been formed at this time, the uterus is not too large, the uterine wall muscles are thick, and the embryo is easy to suck out. Therefore, the surgical time is short, the amount of bleeding is small, and the body recovers after the abortion.

If this time exceeds this time, the operation will be more complicated. Similarly, the longer the time required for recovery after surgery.For pregnant women, the greater the damage to the body.

The flow of people is done early or late

It is not good to do it too early.If the flow of people is too early, because the embryo has just begun to develop, it is still small, it is easy to take air or missing, which will cause the failure of the surgery, or there will be incomplete abortion. If this is the case, you need to clear the palace again.Therefore, many women who are anxious to solve "troubles" as soon as they find out that they are eager to solve the "troubles" and wait for a week or two before reviewing.

It is not good to do too late.If it is too late, it will be too long because the number of days of pregnancy is too long, the pregnancy sac is already large, the relatively large bleeding will be more, and the physical damage will be great.If the pregnancy month is large, the fetal bones have been formed, the uterine volume becomes larger, the uterine wall becomes thin, and the operation will be difficult to operate.The pain is also relatively large.

What preparation should be made before abortion surgery

1. The night before the abortion needs to take a bath and change the clean underwear.

2. Try to wear pants as loose as possible, bring your own sanitary napkins, toilet paper.

3. Avoid sexual life within one week before abortion.

4. If it is a painless abortion, fast before surgery, water for about 6 hours.

5. Oral melolitol before surgery, with softening cervix, enhancing tension and intrauterine effects, reducing cervical damage, and preventing cervical adhesion.

6. Corresponding gynecological examinations and urine pregnancy experiments, B -ultrasound, blood, urine and other routine examinations before abortion.

Is it really painless?

Many people want to know painlessness and pain?Anesthesia doctors performed artificial flow in gynecologists under the implementation of a whole body anesthesia, and anesthesia doctors injected systemic anesthetics through vein.It can enter the sleep state for about 30 seconds. The surgeon began to perform abortion. After the pregnant woman was unconscious, the surgery could be completed after about 3 minutes. The entire surgery process only took 3-5 minutes.Pregnant women have completely recovered their consciousness after surgery, and they can leave the hospital by themselves after 30 minutes.

Why is it called painless people?The principle of "painlessness" is actually very simple, that is, on the basis of suction abortion surgery, vein systemic anesthesia is added.There is no trace of pain during the operation. The anesthetic used by painless abortion surgery is isopyol. This drug metabolizes quickly. It only stays in the body for a short time without any sequelae effect.It is just that during the anesthesia, a few people have allergies and other reactions, but they can also pass safely under the supervision of anesthesia doctors.

Experience sharing of netizens about people flowing

After the accidental pregnancy, many women have to choose to be the flow of people because of such a reason. Are they the flow of people who choose to do at the door?Let ’s take a look at the experience of breeding netizens in the baby’s home.

Lake Water: The best drug flow is 42 days, 56 days of surgery, and starting from the last YJ’s 5th.It is best not to choose the drug flow.

Mother Jiarui: It took the earliest six weeks to do it (my PP was the Women’s Committee, so I know) was calculated from the first day of YJ.

BB: The drug flow is within 49 days. It must be seen by the B -ultrasound to see the flow of people. Generally, it can be seen after 40 days.

Ice Crystal: Generally, it is the best time to do the flow of people from 6 weeks to 8 weeks (from the beginning of the last menstruation).Painless abortion, painless when doing it, but still pain afterwards.

Wanwan woman: I have done a painless abortion in the provincial people’s hospital at the beginning of this month.The underworld hemanli surgery was performed under the surgery, which means that the surgery went to the cervix to take a needle hemp medicine (like it is called Lida -Cardine). During the surgery, he could still feel the pain like dysmenorrhea, but he still endured it.

I love BB: I am just in the second month of pregnancy. I have a certain danger after choosing it for a long time. Generally, large hospitals are OK, mainly doctors’ techniques and experience.

FENG Tsai: I did n’t go to the ring after giving birth to a child, but I was all the medicines, but I was all the drug flow. They were all very successful. The cost seemed to be more than 400. I had to do BC before the medicine.I had to take three -day medicine before, and I went to the hospital for drug abortion on the third day. Now I think of it. I ’m afraid. Every time I do n’t come, my heart is nervous.Elastic

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