When is the best check before marriage?Precautions for the marriage check process that must be at their own expense

Many young people think they are checked before marriage, so just check the check before registration.In fact, the sauce is too late!Because when you are close to marriage, your body is tired and mentally nervous, and it is not suitable for a health check. In addition, if you find a disease that is not suitable to get married immediately, it takes time to treat it to get married.It was found that there was a disease that was not suitable for marriage, and it was difficult to accept emotionally. Therefore, for each of the happiness of each other, it was recommended that each newcomer had a marriage inspection.

So when is the best marriage check?Is the marriage examination the same as the pregnancy test?What should I pay attention to before the marriage check?What are the marriage checks?What are the free of charge and which ones are at their own expense?IntersectionLet ’s study with the editor today ~ You can collect it if you are preparing for marriage ~~~

1. Why do you do a marriage check

1. Good for health

Wedding rings can have a comprehensive understanding of your body in advance. For example, if you have diseases that are not suitable for immediately getting married, such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc., you can get married after the disease is cured.

2. Good for eugenics

Through the marriage check, we can find problems such as genetic defects of the two families, and take measures in time to avoid the appearance of genetic diseases and deformities.

2. When will the marriage check?

Do not check the marriage inspection 3 months before your wedding, do not hurry to check the day before marriage!If you have any problems, you can have time to solve it.

How to charge a marriage check?

You can see which free wedding inspection items that are designated by the Civil Affairs Bureau near the Civil Affairs Bureau (usually maternal and child health hospitals in various places) are relatively simple. If you want to be more comprehensive, you can also pay at your own expense (about 200)

Fourth, marriage inspection 检 pregnancy examination

The marriage examination and pregnancy test are different. For marriage and baby, these two are indispensable

1. Marriage check

It is a pass for both parties in health and the key to the quality of marriage in the future.

2. Pregnancy examination

Three months before pregnancy, both sides must conduct comprehensive physical examinations, which is also the guarantee for preventing defects in fetal birth.

5. What do you need to prepare for marriage inspection

1. Original ID card on both sides

2. Original household registration book between the two parties

(Clarify information such as household registration, marriage status, date of birth, and ID card)

3. Three photos of two -inch and half -body -free two -person double photos

4. It is best to bring the social security card

6. Precautions on the day of marriage inspection

1. Do not eat on the day, check on an empty stomach

2. Avoid the physiological period, avoid sexual life in three days, and prevent the results of the test.

3. Good rest before marriage inspection, avoid smoking, drinking, drinking, excessive fatigue

4. Contact the local Civil Affairs Bureau in advance to receive a free marriage checklist

Seven, marriage inspection process

1. Registration

2. Wait for the checkpoint of the marriage examination department

3. Extract urine sample

4, blood drawing, testing

5. chest permeability

6. Return to the height, weight, vision, genital examination

7. On the same day or the next day, I went to the pre -marital health care class

Note: Remember to ask the doctor to ask the doctor

8. Project for marriage inspection (free)

1. Legal infection

Such as AIDS, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, etc.

2. Heavier mental illness

Such as mania, schizophrenia, etc.

3. Congenital genetic disease

4. Reproductive system malformations

5. Blood routine and urine regular rules

Nine, selected projects for marriage inspection (at your own expense)

Liver function: do liver and lung function

2. Heart function: Make an electrocardiogram

3. Internal organs: Do B -ultrasound

4. Blood glucose: test whether there is blood sugar

5. Blood pressure: blood pressure test level

6. Blood: Liver and kidney function

It is shared here about the precautions of the marriage inspection. Many people have misunderstandings about the marriage inspection and do you think if you check what problems, will it affect your marriage registration? Actually, pre -marital inspection will reduce the "imperfect" baby before marriage.Birth is important.Marriage examination is a physical examination and genital examination of men and women before marriage to discover diseases and ensure the happiness of marriage after marriage.Therefore, for the marriage quality of both parties and the health of the next generation, it is recommended that new people must go to pre -marital examination ~

Tell me if you are unwilling to go to the marriage inspection?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

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