When is the B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation?

The method of ovulation measurement is basic body temperature monitoring, ovulation test strip monitoring, and ultrasound monitoring. Among them, B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation is commonly used and accurate method.

For husbands and wives who want children to win repeatedly or have confirmed infertility, monitoring women who have ovulation and men’s sperm are definitely needed first.The method of monitoring ovulation has basic body temperature monitoring, ovulation test strip monitoring, and ultrasound monitoring. Among them, B -ultrasound monitoring can see the development of follicles intuitively, which is conducive to doctors’ guidance for pregnancy.

Each menstrual cycle, multiple follicles begin to develop at the same time, but generally only one or two follicles develop to mature, calling for advantageous follicles, what about the remaining follicles? After the appearance of the superior follicles, they will always be locked.

Ultrasonic on the 3rd to 5th day of the menstrual cycle, small follicles can be found in the ovaries, and gradually grow up. On the seventh day of the menstrual cycle, in the raised developmental follicle group, a follicle with the lowest FSH threshold is given priority.Beauty follicles.Generally, when we use the diameter of the follicles> 10 mm, we call advantageous follicles.13 to 18 days of the menstrual cycle, superior follicles continued to increase to about 18 mm.

In the natural cycle, the growth rate of advantageous follicles will be slow first. At the beginning, it is about 1-2 mm/d. The maximum growth rate of follicles before the close ovation can reach 2 to 3 mm/d, and the diameter of the follicles reaches 18 ~ 28MM is called mature follicles.On average 14th day, ovulation can occur.

When does follicle monitoring start?

For women with menstrual rules, regardless of the length of the menstrual cycle, as long as the menstrual periods come on time, the two menstrual cycles differences do not exceed 7 days, and the ovulation date is generally about 14 days before menstruation.For women with normal menstruation, the luteal function maintains posterior luteal atrophy for about 14 days, dysfunction, and menstrual tide, so the luteal stage is fixed, and the follicle period can be uneven.

What should I do for girls with irregular menstruation? Folkmine monitoring is recommended to stop or continue long -term monitoring from the third day of menstruation, because the follicle period and menstrual period cannot be determined, and the monitoring time should be extended at this time.

B -ultrasound performance of mature follicles:

1. The follicles are round or oval, with a diameter of 15-30mm (21.2+-0.53mm). The follicles are in an unpopular area.

2. The 20%mature follicles can be seen one day before ovulation.

Usually the number of B -ultrasound monitoring per cycle shall be controlled 3 to 4 times.Monitoring of ovulation should be monitored at the same time to understand the endometrium and ovarian balance and endometrial state.The choice of pregnancy time, the doctor can guide the time of the same room according to the size of the follicles and ovulation time, or you can try the pregnancy from 3 days before ovulation to 1 day after ovulation. You do not have to have a time limit for a limited time.

What are the situation without ovulation?

Ovarian failure, hypothalamus-pituitary dysfunction (polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common cause of women’s ovulation), hypothalamus-pituitary function failure, and hyperburnemia.

For women who do not ovulate, the clever woman is difficult to cook without rice, so it is necessary to further check to find diseases that do not ovulate, actively treat the primary disease, and can also promote ovulation treatment if necessary.

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