When is it easy to get pregnant?When you go to the toilet, just look at the underwear!

As a mother, it is difficult for outsiders to experience the excitement of the first mother. Although there are too many unspeakable pain, they still block the footsteps of joining the army of pregnant mothers.In addition, there has always been a saying that there are no filial piety in China, and China has seen the passage of the presence. Therefore, women have a sacred label for women and children.

But often hear that some people are easy to get pregnant, and when some people are preparing for pregnancy, they have worked hard, but they still cannot conceive successfully.

In fact, when a woman wants to conceive quickly, she should have the best time to conceive.During the pregnancy, a woman can find her ovulation period and receive the same room during the ovulation period to effectively increase the surrogacy rate.There are many methods in the ovulation period, menstrual cycle calculation algorithm, ovulation test strip test method, basic body temperature test method, and so on.

But today we will not talk about these old sets of sets. We only talk about the timing that women are prone to pregnancy by observing the underwear.When is a woman easily conceive?When you go to the toilet every day, look at your underwear and understand it!

Why can you find the time when you observe the underwear and find the time for women to conceive?

This is because women will vary different from different periods in a period of menstrual periods.Therefore, you can observe the changes in the secretions to find the timing of being easy to conceive.

When is it easy for a woman to get pregnant?In fact, when you go to the toilet every day, you can understand when you look at the underwear

1. It is not easy to conceive

Generally speaking, if you find a small amount of mucus on your underwear, and your vulva is always dry and humid, this is the most difficult time period for you.Because at this time, the cervical mucus in your body is less secretion and very thick. This situation mostly occurs when the menstruation is clean, and it is also the time that women are not easy to conceive.

2. Successful pregnancy

When a woman is prone to conceive, you find that you find more mucus on your underwear, and the mucus is thin, milky white, and is accompanied by the humidity of the vulva. At this time, it is the most likely when a woman is in the most conceived.These situations generally appear around 9-10 days after menstruation. This is because with the development of follicles in the ovaries, the level of hormone in the body will increase, which will cause cervical mucus to increase.

Therefore, when you are preparing for a pregnant woman, when you go to the toilet every day, you can observe the condition of the secretion on your underwear. From the color of the color of the secretion, you can effectively judge your best pregnancy time.

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