When is it better to produce

Be sure to choose the pregnancy time. Try to be produced from March-May or September to November., It’s the cold winter again. The family is isolated at home. Every day, it is to take care of the mother and the infant, but it is too cold. There were several heavy snow that year.Amazing costs (2000+). At that time, we thought where there was a problem, and went to the State Power grid to check the electricity fee. Later, I realized that it was over -the -stop. Children washing clothes, diuretic is not wet, and bathing was not convenient.During the epidemic, for families with no water heater at home, they are particularly unfriendly. Dabao runs to the hospital every week to check jaundice, allowing pediatric examinations and bathing in the hospital.The dirt is very fast and more fast. The hospital helped it reasonable and made a confinement. Even if the two heater and the air conditioner were opened, they were particularly cold.

Erbao was pregnant unexpectedly. At the summer of Erbao, the family began to work, and no one could speak.Grandpa and grandma make confinement meals and help washing diaper at 38.39 degrees of high temperature weather. In fact, it is really good to look at it. Erbao is also very good.Said, the weather is hot, the air conditioner is 16 degrees, and the summer of 2022 is particularly hot. I do n’t want to eat at all. I have lost more than 10 pounds in the confinement. It is pure.After not hot, I immediately got fat and eat every day.The advantage of producing in summer is that children bath and laundry are particularly convenient to wash and wash diapers. They soon do it, and the children will scrub them every day.

In concerting in July and August, the next year in April and May, at that time, in the late spring and early summer, the wind and the sun were warm, the climate was suitable, or it was born in 19 months.The nursing of newborn is more suitable, and it is also conducive to the recovery of the mother’s body. This season is thin, and the baby’s bathing is not easy to get cold.This season’s rich varieties of vegetables are conducive to providing various nutrients for maternal, and facilitate the supply of milk that the baby is rushing. When the summer comes, the mother and child’s resistance has been strengthened.Half -year -old, it’s easier to spend winter.

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