When I was pregnant, my mother -in -law would have grandchildren!What is the "fetal dream"?

Many expectant mothers believe that "fetal dream" is the news that children convey to their parents, symbolizing a omen.

You can even rely on it to see if you have a man or a woman!

Is the "fetal dream" really accurate?

My mother said that when she was pregnant with my brother, she dreamed of a big snake around her.

She was usually afraid of snakes, and she was not afraid in her dream, but wanted to touch it.

When she told her grandmother about this dream, her grandmother was really happy.

Quickly said that the child who was pregnant must be a male doll, and he was about to hold the big grandson!

What makes people unexpected is that my mother really gave birth to a big fat boy.

Therefore, my sister -in -law and I were convinced of the saying of dreaming of a snake.

Until later, after my sister -in -law was pregnant, she told me once that she dreamed of snake.

Finally, she can achieve her desire for a boy, a girl, and a girl, and let her brother protect her sister!

But what I didn’t expect was that the sister -in -law gave birth to a girl, which made both sister -in -law and I am very surprised. This shouldn’t be!

Later, I went to search online and found that many mothers had such experience. Dreaming about dreams about my son in my dream.

But in real life, he gave birth to a daughter.

Of course, there are also examples of giving birth to a boy, but we can see that this is actually "survivor deviation."

What is "survivor deviation"?

It was proposed by Professor Ward of Statistics of Columbia University in the United States.

Professor Word believes that the tail of the aircraft should be strengthened, because the sample of statistics is just a plane returning safely, and there is no aircraft that cannot fly back.

Put it here, you can think so:

My sister -in -law and I only listened to what people who successfully gave birth to my son said, so I thought that dreaming of snakes would have a boy.

And did not hear what the daughter said after he heard a snake.

Therefore, "fetal dream" cannot predict the reality.

And dreaming that the snake gave birth to his son, the "baby dream" spiritual trial is because the child is only divided into men and women, so the chance of guessing is half.

Sometimes it’s just because of guessing!


Freud once believes that dreams are a kind of subconscious and a spiritual embodiment of our people.

The reason why pregnant mothers do "fetal dreams" is the following three reasons:

▶ Psychological suggestion

Some mothers are convinced that before I and my sister -in -law and me, they are convinced of dreaming that snakes will have a son, so they will suggest themselves.

Under self -suggestion, mothers will be stimulated to the outside world, which will affect their behavior and brain, such as dreaming related to it.

▶ Strong mental stress

Some hospitals surveyed the psychological conditions of 1,240 mothers and found that 87.8%of mothers had a great psychological burden.

And women in pregnancy are very ups and downs, so mental stress will be relatively large.

When the pressure is too large, people usually relieve emotions through dreams.

Therefore, "fetal dream" can be understood as a woman who needs to alleviate emotions because of his mental stress during pregnancy.

▶ Personal expectations

Professor of psychology pointed out that "fetal dream" is actually a continuation of the personal expectations of pregnant women.

For example, what kind of baby you want to have, I hope the baby is a boy or a girl.

Like my sister -in -law, she really wants to have a son, a daughter, and let her brother take a sister.

Therefore, she dreamed of a snake.

It can be seen from the above that "fetal dreams" cannot predict the future, but it can reveal the psychological and mental state of pregnant women.

Therefore, it is best not to frequently appear "fetal dreams" in pregnant women, because this represents the poor psychology and mental state of pregnant women. In the long run, I am afraid it will affect the child’s health.

If you find that you sleep unstable at night and frequently do "fetal dreams", you must pay attention to enlighten yourself in time and disperse your attention.

Don’t always think about what this dream does will, what is heralded?

Instead, focus your attention on some parenting knowledge of taking care of your children, and then maintain a happy mood, so that your body will be healthy.

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